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Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. MERANESE SCHIAVA "FESTIVAL" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. MERANESE SCHIAVA "FESTIVAL"

Schiava (Vernatsch) is the oldest indigenous red grape variety in South Tyrol and enjoys a particularly high status in in Merano and surrounding area. A genuine all-rounder when it comes to accompanying meals, especially traditional South Tyrolean dishes and Italian specialities. This light red wine is a popular appetizer when chilled. Pure tradition coupled with a fresh, fruity drinking experience.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. MERANESE SCHIAVA "FÜRST" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. MERANESE SCHIAVA "FÜRST"

An incredibly special, south-facing vineyard with a long, extraordinary history is to be found nestling like a true gem high above Lagundo. For generations already vines of the indigenous Schiava variety have flourished here, grown using the traditional pergola system on these steep slopes and hidden between ancient stone walls. Over the years their roots have driven metres deep into the soil and today, thanks to the naturally limited yield, enable the production of a multifaceted, soft and juicy red wine with fine grippy tannins. Thanks to the conscious employment of wood, the “Fürst” Schiava need fear no comparison at all with a good Pinot Noir.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. MERANESE SCHIAVA "SCHICKENBURG" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. MERANESE SCHIAVA "SCHICKENBURG"

Indigenous and deeply rooted: the Merano Schiava has been grown around Merano for centuries as the area provides the very best growing conditions for it. Nevertheless, only a few grapes from old, selected vines make it into the zesty “Schickenburg”. Authentic, angular, yet elegant: a real Merano native.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. VAL VENOSTA SCHIAVA Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. VAL VENOSTA SCHIAVA

Schiava is an authentic wine full of character that speaks of its origins: of warm, dry summer days, windy spring and autumn weeks, strong temperature fluctuations between day and night, plus snow and winter frosts. A notable addition to idiosyncratic South Tyrolean craftsmanship.

Rohregger Weingut Tenuta ALTE REBEN Kalterersee Classico DOC Bottle Preview
Rohregger Weingut TenutaALTE REBEN Kalterersee Classico DOC

Traditional pergolas and 90-year-old vines at 440 m above sea level form the basis of this special wine.

Eberlehof Alto Adige DOC S. Maddalena Classico Bottle Preview
EberlehofAlto Adige DOC S. Maddalena Classico

The S. Maddalena Classico is the main wine in the assortment of the Zisser family. The vines are partly old and grown in combination. The different variations of the grape variety Schiava and the variety of Lagrein are traditionally harvested, fermented and developed together.

Peter Zemmer Alto Adige Vernatsch-Schiava DOC Peter Zemmer Bottle Preview
Peter ZemmerAlto Adige Vernatsch-Schiava DOC Peter Zemmer

This varietal grows on the traditional trellis system, the pergola, on the gently warmed loamy soils of the beautiful slopes around Cortaccia. The area offers the basis for a product of outstanding quality.

Kränzelhof Baslan Vernatsch Bottle Preview
KränzelhofBaslan Vernatsch

Cantina Andriano Bocado Alto Adige Schiava Bottle Preview
Cantina AndrianoBocado Alto Adige Schiava

Mellow and harmonious - that describes this typical regional Schiava. The elegant fruit flavours with strong nuances of almond and cherry give this wine its distinctive character.

Castelfeder CASTELFEDER SELECTION Vernatsch "Alte Reben" Bottle Preview
CastelfederCASTELFEDER SELECTION Vernatsch "Alte Reben"

Name: As the name suggests, the grapes come from older vines that are partially over 80-years-old. Label: It shows a combination of its place of origin and a bottle. The vineyards for this Vernatsch are located in special sites of Breitbach, a smaller part of the village Cortaccia. There can be found impressive large cypresses in the middle of the vineyard.

Cantina Valle Isarco Classic Red Schiava Bottle Preview
Cantina Valle IsarcoClassic Red Schiava

Schiava, the grape variety most typical of and most commonly cultivated in South Tyrol, is instead scarcely grown in the Valle Isarco. The production area, located at the mouth of the valley, north of Bolzano, fully meets the needs of this variety, providing the typical Schiava elegance and fruity notes that have made this red wine the most renowned of Alto Adige- Südtiol.

Girlan Fass Nr. 9 Vernatsch Bottle Preview
GirlanFass Nr. 9 Vernatsch

Production area The grapes for this wine grow on the hillside vineyards of the cru "Girlan" and Colterenzio at an altitude of 450 m above sea level in well aired vineyards, on moraine soils from the ice age. The position and exposure of the slope mean optimum sunlight which, together with the characteristics of the land, grows a elegant, lasting wine. Winemaking The vineyards have an average age of 30 years. The grapes are picked by hand and placed in small containers to prevent excess pressure on the grapes. Destemming and slow must fermentation in stainless steel tanks. Malolatic fermentation and aging in big wooden barrels for 5 months. Tasting notes & food matching The delicate character of the grape varietal "Vernatsch" and the notable concentration of velvety tannins make this wine unique. Our selection of the best vineyards, as well as a restrictive limitation on quantity, gave Fass Nr. 9 a pioneering role from the sixties - times without DOC regulations. It is an all-round red and particularly recommended with tyrolean dishes like dumplings, ravioli, roast meats, speck and cheese.

Nals Margreid GALEA Vernatsch Bottle Preview
Nals MargreidGALEA Vernatsch

MURI-GRIES Grauvernatsch Bottle Preview

The typical South Tyrolean. A wine with tradition, fruity and quaffable.

Oberpreyhof Grauvernatsch Bottle Preview

Pressed from the gray Vernatsch grape, probably the oldest and noblest variety of Vernatsch grape. A noble, fruity and racy wine, with a bright ruby red color, a typical aroma with light notes of raspberry and cherry. It is harmonious, round and balanced in taste and goes well with any occasion and food.

Girlan Gschleier Alte Reben Vernatsch Bottle Preview
GirlanGschleier Alte Reben Vernatsch

Production area „Gschleier“ is certainly one of the best-known winegrowing areas of the Alto Adige. In fact, our vines are between 80 and 110 years old, which makes them unique. The vines grow at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, in lime, clay and gravel soils. The position and the exposure of the slope ensure optimal sunstroke which gives rise to a full wine with a great aging potential. Winemaking The grapes are picked by hand and placed in small containers to prevent excesspressure on the grapes. Destemming and slow must fermentation (15-20 days) instainless steel tanks (gravity-flow). Malolatic fermentation and aging for 9 months in big wooden barrels and 6 months in the bottle. Tasting notes & food matching This Vernatsch is unique. It is elegant and full bodied with fruity tannins, accompanied by a marvellous flavour. A wine with exceptional ageing potential. Its characteristics make it perfect for serving with mediterranean foods.

Bergmannhof Hoamet Mitterberg Red IGT Bottle Preview
BergmannhofHoamet Mitterberg Red IGT

Special red wine: The Fermentation with stems and the 18-month aging in wooden Barrels give this Vernatsch a special Expression, strength and elegance.

Kellerei Bozen Huck am Bach St. Magdalener Classico Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenHuck am Bach St. Magdalener Classico

The grapes ripen in the heart of the Santa Maddalena zone, on slopes between 250 and 500 meters above sea level. They produce a medium- strength red wine with fruity and floral notes that goes well with many regional dishes and Italian cuisine.

Kellerei Cantina Heiner. Illusione Bottle Preview
Kellerei Cantina Heiner.Illusione

With this very complex and time-consuming vinification, I want to push the potential of the grape variety Vernatsch to the extreme.

Baron di Pauli Kalkofen Bottle Preview
Baron di PauliKalkofen

Oberpreyhof Kalterersee Bottle Preview

Pressed from the best Vernatsch grapes. A noble and fruity wine with an intense, fiery ruby red color and a typical aroma with light notes of raspberry, cherry and almond. It is harmonious, round and balanced in taste. Suitable for any occasion and food, but especially appetizers, fish and light meat dishes.

MURI-GRIES Kalterer See Auslese Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESKalterer See Auslese

The inviting red. Pleasantly light with real character.

Cantina Kaltern Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternKalterersee Classico Superiore DOC

A brilliant red that sets the world to rights at the end of a long day. Feel your tensions fall away as the intense hue takes you to the lakeside vineyards that produced the grapes.

J. Hofstätter Kolbenhofer Schiava Bottle Preview
J. HofstätterKolbenhofer Schiava

Cantina Kaltern kunst.stück Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina Kalternkunst.stück Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC

One single image, immobile within the flow of time. A sigh of yearning melds into the immense breath of nature that infuses all, and the succession of the seasons caresses the vine-clad hills. Pearl-like, the berries enfold a treasure that man’s hand will unveil, only to be once more hidden, flowing into a bottle, there to rest, silent, waiting, until the moment when the curtain rises and it emerges, the star, the soloist, alone on centre stage. Experience will then become memory, imprinted on heart and mind: kunst.stück, artwork.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Lago di Caldaro Classico Superiore Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlLago di Caldaro Classico Superiore

Bright pale ruby in colour, fruity on the nose, with aromas reminiscent of red summer fruits and cherry; succulent, gentle and fruity on the palate with soft, unobtrusive tannins and mild but refreshing acidity.

Prälatenhof Lago di Caldaro Classico Superiore Bottle Preview
PrälatenhofLago di Caldaro Classico Superiore

Fore every occasion.

Cantina Kurtatsch Lago di Caldaro Scelto Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschLago di Caldaro Scelto

The German name for Schiava, "Vernatsch", derives from Latin "vernaculus", "native", and refers to its far-reaching history in Alto Adige. The Alto Adige Schiava designations of origin referring to specific areas have remained unchanged over centuries: Lago di Caldaro, Meranese di Collina, Colli di Bolzano and Santa Maddalena are Schiava types with historical reference to their geographic area and with unmistakable terroir characteristics. Lago di Caldaro Scelto is a very smooth, lacy Schiava. The Mediterranean climate gives our Schiava silky tannins and plump, fruity body with pep from lively acidity. Its bouquet is reminiscent of cherries and small forest fruits, on the palate it is supple and juicy. Enjoy cooled to 13°C (55°F)!

Hans Rottensteiner Lago di Caldaro Scelto / Kalterersee Auslese Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerLago di Caldaro Scelto / Kalterersee Auslese

The Kalterersee Auslese is one of the best known wines of South Tyrol – and in the meantime, way better than its reputation. The times of the huge harvests are over, and the Kalterersee has become an elegant, fruity and light red. Only the best grapes can be used for the Auslese (= Selection), and strict regulation ensures its quality.

Cantina Kaltern LEUCHTENBERG Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternLEUCHTENBERG Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC

The spirit of place and a sense of provenance. Lake Kaltern, with all its grace, power, beauty, austerity and a panoramic view of Alto Adige.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl MENZEN Schiava Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlMENZEN Schiava

Traditionally the finest Vernatsch wines are made with grapes from a mixture of very mature Klein-, Mitter- and Grau-Vernatsch vines, as evidenced in this deliciously fruity example: bright, pale red in colour with an intense fresh aroma of summer berry fruits, a hint of morello cherry, mild and full on the palate with an attractive bitter aftertaste.

Pardellerhof Montin Meraner Bottle Preview
Pardellerhof MontinMeraner

Innerleiterhof Meraner Bottle Preview

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof MERUS Vernatsch | Schiava Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofMERUS Vernatsch | Schiava

Vernatsch also known as Schiava is an indigenous grape variety of Südtirol/Alto Adige and is part of our entry-level label MERUS which is Latin and means ‘pure, genuine’. Those are exactly the traits we strive for in this quality line with the characteristic varietal purity and natural elegance dominating.

Kellerei Bozen Moar St. Magdalener Classico Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenMoar St. Magdalener Classico

The vines grow on the slopes of the Santa Maddalena zone above Bolzano at 200 - 300 meters above sea-level. The Moar Santa Maddalena is the product of a unique combination of site, old vines and husbandry. It combines fruity and floral aromas with a full and velvety taste. On the nose the wine presents cherry, marzipan and violet notes, which are typical of the Santa Maddalena.

Weingut Loacker MORIT Sankt Magdalener Bottle Preview
Weingut LoackerMORIT Sankt Magdalener

Ruby red with purple rim. Intensely fruity nose: cherries, strawberries and forest fruits, hints of green bell pepper and black pepper. Good acidity and light and soft tannins, long finish.

Weingut Obermoser Nobilis St. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserNobilis St. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC

The "Nobilis" is a careful hand selection from old vines with smaller riper grapes and a little more Lagrein. As a Classico young winemaker group (NextGen), we work intensively on the renown of the newer cru selection bottlings.

Erste+Neue PUNTAY Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC Bottle Preview
Erste+NeuePUNTAY Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC

Light and luminous ruby red colour. Typical bouquet of Schiava grapes, with a marked hint of cherries and a light almond aroma. Persistent taste. A wine whose good structure allows a longer life than other wines made from this indigenous grape variety.

Cantina Kaltern Quintessenz Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternQuintessenz Kalterersee Classico Superiore DOC

“Who is this Dionysus men worship as a god? He is their greatest source of joy”. (Euripides, Cyclops 521)

Cantina Kurtatsch Santa Maddalena Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschSanta Maddalena

The Alto Adige Schiava designations of origin referring to specific areas have remained unchanged over centuries. Our Santa Maddalena from the eponymous, very warm area of cultivation near Bolzano is a Schiava with historical ties to its origin resulting in unmistakable terroir characteristics. Santa Maddalena is the fullest-bodied Schiava wine because of its Lagrein content of up to 15%. The bouquet is reminiscent of forest berries with a hint of gingerbread spices. The pronounced aroma of cherries and typically mild acidity along with powerful fruity sweetness give it a velvety balance. We recommend drinking this wine lightly cooled (13°C/55°F).

Brigl Santa Maddalena Bottle Preview
BriglSanta Maddalena

From the earliest of times, among the best wine growing areas of South Tyrol have been the hills and slopes of the St. Magdalena zone above Bolzano

Abbazia di Novacella Santa Maddalena DOC Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaSanta Maddalena DOC

Abbazia di Novacella Schiava Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaSchiava

Reyter Schiava Bottle Preview

Planted by our ancestors the vines have been here for centuries. Moderate growth of the old vines requires minimal yield regulation viticulture. Carefully looked after Schiava will yield a delicate red wine with the seductive aroma of red berries, dry blossomand almonds. By means of its fine acid-fruit game the Vernatsch manages to be surprisingly complex and profound.

Elena Walch Schiava Bottle Preview
Elena WalchSchiava

Alois Lageder SCHIAVA Bottle Preview
Alois LagederSCHIAVA

Until the 1970s this native grape variety was central to wine-making in Alto Adige, which is why it was long considered a red wine region. As the grapes prefer the shade, we continue to train the Schiava vines with pergola trellis system. The wines have freshness, light and rounded tannins and a moderate alcohol content and are ideal companions to light fare.

Cantina Kurtatsch Schiava Grigia Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschSchiava Grigia

The German name for Schiava, "Vernatsch", derives from Latin "vernaculus", "native", and refers to its far-reaching history in Alto Adige. In the oldest written documentations, Schiava grigia was already named as the noblest of the Schiava varieties. This demanding Schiava clone excels on airy, sunny hillsides. On loamy, calciferous dolomite soils it develops into a harmonious wine with silky tannins. Herbal and spicy notes unite with enticing cherry, raspberry and forest fruit aromas. We recommend drinking this wine lightly cooled (13°C/55°F). Our Schiava grigia is perfectly suited to pizza, white meats or fish dishes.

St. Michael-Eppan Schiava Pagis Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanSchiava Pagis

Schiava (German: Vernatsch) was the most widespread South Tyrolean red wine for centuries. Today there are only a few sites that are suitable for this indigenous grape variety: The grapes used to make Pagis thrive on the south eastern slopes above the South Tyrolean Wine Road, between St. Michael and St. Pauls. It is fresh and fruity, a true pleasure to drink.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Schiava Rotfüssler Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlSchiava Rotfüssler

Once the Vernatsch grapes become fully ripe in these sun-drenched sites the grape stalks become reddish in colour and local growers call them “Roatfiassler” (“red-legged”) in the local dialect. Hence the name. Bright ruby in colour, intensely fruity on the nose, reminiscent of cherry and summer berry fruits; mellow on the palate with supple tannins, mild but refreshing acidity and attractive bitterness on the finish.

Cantina Kurtatsch Schiava SONNTALER Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschSchiava SONNTALER

Schiava SONNTALER unites our oldest vineyards. The vines are between 60 and 90 years old. Old vines produce inherently lower and therefore higher quality yields. Traditionally, SONNTALER is an assemblage of different Schiava varieties with a large share of Schiava grigia. Ideal terroir and traditional ageing in large Slavonian wooden barrels result in a wine with complex aromas of raspberries, wild strawberries, cherries and redcurrants. Its elegant, lean body is gripping on the palate. Fine-grained tannins give the smooth fruitiness typical for the variety a long, hearty finish.

Hans Rottensteiner Schiava Vigna Kristplonerhof / Vernatsch Vigna Kristplonerhof Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerSchiava Vigna Kristplonerhof / Vernatsch Vigna Kristplonerhof

The Schiava is one of the most traditional wines from South Tyrol. Recently, it has become increasingly popular as a quality wine.

Kellerei St. Pauls Selections - Missianer Schiava Bottle Preview
Kellerei St. PaulsSelections - Missianer Schiava

THE FAITHFUL ONE Some love stories take a little more time to achieve a happy ending – and so it is with the Missianer. But, once you get to know it, it feels genuine and alive. You know exactly what you are getting, because it is as it is: an idiosyncratic, exciting, primal Vernatsch. And most definitely a faithful soul.

Tenuta Waldgries S. Maddalena Classico Bottle Preview
Tenuta WaldgriesS. Maddalena Classico

The S. Maddalena Classico brings a touch of seduction to the wine glass – with a mirror image of palm trees, olives and fig trees against a Dolomite backcloth. This is where its character originates.

Hans Rottensteiner S. Maddalena Classico / St. Magdalener Classico Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerS. Maddalena Classico / St. Magdalener Classico

Santa Maddalena maybe is the best area for wine in the entire South Tyrol. In 1941, the St. Magdalener was nominated – together with Barbaresco and Barolo – as one of the three wines of Italy. Schiava grapes, together with 4 – 5 % of Lagrein, comprise the St. Magdalener. As this Lagrein is cultivated in the same vineyard as the Schiava grapes and they are harvested together, it can be integrated from the beginning, making for a perfect harmony.

Hans Rottensteiner S. Maddalena Classico Vigna Premstallerhof Select / St. Magdalener Classico Vigna Premstallerhof Select Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerS. Maddalena Classico Vigna Premstallerhof Select / St. Magdalener Classico Vigna Premstallerhof Select

“To produce an absolutely outstanding Santa Maddalena from the grapes of the Premstallerhof estate, working in perfect harmony with nature,” this was Gertrud Vogel’s dream when at the beginning of the new millennium she decided to personally take charge of the family estate in Santa Maddalena. And this is also the objective that enologist Hannes Rottensteiner set for himself. The outcome? A selection of Santa Maddalena grown in the Premstallerhof estate’s best areas which seduces with its diversity, concentration, and complexity.

Hans Rottensteiner S. Maddalena Classico Vigna Premstallerhof / St. Magdalener Classico Vigna Premstallerhof Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerS. Maddalena Classico Vigna Premstallerhof / St. Magdalener Classico Vigna Premstallerhof

The St. Magdalener is one of the most famous wines of South Tyrol. Traditionally, the two varieties Schiava and Lagrein are planted together in the same vineyard.

Franz Haas Sofi Schiava Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT Bottle Preview
Franz HaasSofi Schiava Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT

The Schiava is of a light ruby red color, with an aroma of cherry and red cranberry, slight hints of cocoa and bitter almond. On the palate, it is of attractive simplicity and at the same time complex and vinous, with an inviting conviviality.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl St. Magdalener Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlSt. Magdalener

Brilliant translucent ruby red in colour with a fruity bouquet reminiscent of black cherry and violets expanding to a medium-bodied palate of red summer fruits; a succulent wine with mild acidity, medium length, and a hint of bitterness on the finish.

Thurnhof St. Magdalener Bottle Preview
ThurnhofSt. Magdalener

Harmonisch unverwechselbar Der St. Magdalener ist der klassische Bozner Rotwein, der aus der feinen alten Lokalsorte Vernatsch mit einem kleinen Anteil an Lagrein gekeltert wird. Es ist ein eleganter und leichter Rotwein, dessen Frucht geprägt ist von Rosen, Kirschen, Erdbeeren und Mandeln. Niedrige Säure und weiche Tannine sorgen für bekömmlichen Trinkgenuß. Ausbau im Stahltank und großen Eichenfass Alkoholgehalt 12,5 – 13,5% Gesamtsäuregehalt ca. 4,5 g/l Abgefüllte Flaschen 4000 – 5000 Lagerungspotential 3-5 Jahre

Kellerei Bozen St. Magdalener Classico Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenSt. Magdalener Classico

The hill of Santa Maddalena to the north of Bolzano gives this classic Alto Adige wine its name. Schiava and Lagrein grow together in the vineyard.

Plonerhof ST. Magdalener Classico Bottle Preview
PlonerhofST. Magdalener Classico

The St. Magdalener DOC classico from Plonerhof Winery leaves an overarching impression from start to finish: ripeness! The famous hill of St. Magdalena – emblematic of this distinctive wine – is the best place for the grapes on the ancient Vernatsch vines to reach perfection and its particular flavour can be detected in the minerality of this distinctive wine. The delicious Vernatsch with its flowery freshness is midsummer in a glass. The traditional Lagrein content of around 10% makes this a truly unique taste experience!

Glögglhof St.Magdalener Classico DOC Bottle Preview
GlögglhofSt.Magdalener Classico DOC

The Mediterranean-warm plots of St. Magdalena imbue the Vernatsch grape with the highest expressiveness and irresistible charm that make this all-rounder wine unique.

Weingut Obermoser St. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserSt. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC

Our Phoenix: the classic traditional wine that surprises again and again. The harmonious balance is wonderful due to the composition of different Schiava varieties with a little Lagrein. Versatile from aperitif, to sauce fish, to medium-intensive roasts and of course to classic Tyrolean dishes and all pasta and sugo creations. "The easy-going brother of Pinot Noir" "Bottled South Tyrolean Happiness" "Slow start, then empty first" "Queen of the Schiava protected since 1923 in Italy" We vinify the grapes harvested from our three vineyards in the classic growing area in large wooden barrels.

Glögglhof St. Magdalener Classico Vigna Rondell DOC Bottle Preview
GlögglhofSt. Magdalener Classico Vigna Rondell DOC

This St. Magdalener was modelled on a Burgundy wine: only the best parcels with the oldest vines are used for the „Vigna Rondell“. This is a St. Magdalener that combines power and elegance.

MURI-GRIES St. Magdalener klassisch Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESSt. Magdalener klassisch

Traditional, fruity and fresh.

Erbhof Pitsch am Bach Südtiroler St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2019 Bottle Preview
Erbhof Pitsch am BachSüdtiroler St. Magdalener Classico DOC 2019

Its bright ruby red color puts us in the right mood for the delicately floral bouquet of violets and the fruity cherry and raspberry aromas. On the palate, it is medium-bodied with silky tannins and a pleasant marzipan note and gives us the typical light bitter almond aroma on the finish.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof TURMHOF Vernatsch | Schiava Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofTURMHOF Vernatsch | Schiava

Vernatsch, also known as Schiava is an indigenous grape variety of our area with a surprising aging potential and belongs to our selection TURMHOF where we pay particular attention to the sensory complexity of the respective grape varieties and compose the wine by carefully selecting the vineyards used.

Weingut Abraham Upupa Rot Bottle Preview
Weingut AbrahamUpupa Rot

Vernatsch (Schiava) is an original South Tyrolean grape variety. Long underrated, and now drawing wine lovers' interest again. Why? Because Vernatsch is an ambassador of our climate and lifestyle. We believe in its characteristics – juicy, fruity, yet complex, strong in tannins and long-lasting. Our old Vernatsch vineyard with small-berried grapes and low yield holds the outstanding potential to show all these characteristics. Vernatsch is more Burgundy than you could ever imagine!

Laimburg Winery Vernacius Solemnis Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryVernacius Solemnis

Oberpreyhof Vernatsch Bottle Preview

Vernatsch is a very old autochthonous grape variety. It is a fine, harmonious and fruity red wine with soft tannins and low acidity, therefore very digestible and easy to drink. Vernatsch is suitable for all occasions.

Castel Englar Winery Vernatsch Bottle Preview
Castel Englar WineryVernatsch

It is an extraordinary Vernatsch.

Hochklaus Vernatsch Bottle Preview

Gump Hof - Markus Prackwieser Vernatsch Mediaevum Bottle Preview
Gump Hof - Markus PrackwieserVernatsch Mediaevum

A good red wine with delicate cherry aromas; an ideal companion for light dishes.

Bergmannhof Vernatsch/Schiava South Tyrol DOC Bottle Preview
BergmannhofVernatsch/Schiava South Tyrol DOC

Elegant red wine with notes of red fruits, flowers and spices. Structured but lively. Aged in large wooden barrels.

Schloss Plars Wonger Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWonger