Growing Conditions

The picturesque municipality of Caldaro, above the famous lake, are the setting for the pergola-trained Vernatsch vines, some of which are over 50 years old. At an altitude of 300 - 450 metres, warm, sandy, gravel and morainic soils provide the perfect growing conditions for these Vernatsch grapes.


Harvesting of the Vernatsch grapes takes place at the ideal stage of maturity in mid to late October. From the handpicked grapes, a yield of 70 hectolitres of wine per hectare is produced.


Once delivered to the winery, the Vernatsch grapes are gently crushed and destemmed, then they are fermented at a constant temperature of 22°C. The wine is subsequently aged in large wooden barrels.

Food Pairing

The Kalterersee goes perfectly with light meals, meat, baked fish, pizza and is also a great drop to share with good company.