Alto Adige Wine Country Guide

Possibly the most beautiful wine region in the world, Alto Adige (aka Südtirol), is where North meets South; in terms of climate, culture, and wine.

The wines of Alto Adige ("Al-tow AH-dee-jay") express Northern European logic paired with Southern European flair. You'll find both rich, Tuscan-style red wines alongside lean, Germanic white wines. This contrast shows up everywhere you look with two languages (German and Italian) used on street signs.

In terms of wine, Alto Adige is most famous for its racy and aromatic dry white wines, including Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer.

The red wines will surprise you. The indigenous varieties of Lagrein or Schiava (Vernatsch) may sound unfamiliar, but the flavors resemble the world's most popular reds.

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Fun facts about Alto Adige

  • Grapes have been grown here for almost 2,500 years.
  • There are 13,800 acres (5,600 ha) of vineyards with 274 wineries and 5,000 growers.
  • Alto Adige DOC has 6 sub-regions.
  • 70% of production is by cooperative wine cellars (a very high percentage!).
  • Alto Adige has the highest concentration of Michelin Stars in all of Italy.
  • 98% of all production is DOC wine – the highest in Italy!
  • 64% of Alto Adige wine is white wine.
  • 70% of people in Alto Adige (Südtirol) speak German.

The view overlooking the village of Tramin just south of Bolzano. Photo Weingut J. Hofstätter

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Let's dive into everything about Alto Adige wine. This guide integrates dynamic data provided directly from Alto Adige’s wineries with useful, expert-made information to help you find what you like.

We hope the Alto Adige Wine Guide offers a comprehensive exploration of the region so you can discover your next favorite winery.

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