Fresh and intensely fruity on the nose.


Fragrant with a flavour of woodland berry fruits on the palate and a lightly
almondy finish. The wine’s succulent, gentle fruity character , soft, unobtrusive
tannins and mild supple acidity make it a favourite for social drinking.

Growing Conditions

Clay with lime and grave.


The grapes are destemmed, crushed and the must is fermented with the skins
using temperature control. The skins which are forced to the top of the tank
during fermentation are pushed back down into the must in order to extract as
much colour, tannins and fruit as possible.


It is full ruby in colour with violet reflexes.

Food Pairing

This is a very versatile wine and goes well with an array of dishes, speck and
“salumi”, roasts, poultry, pork chops and barbecued pork.