Sauvignon Blanc

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Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. SAUVIGNON BLANC "FESTIVAL" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. SAUVIGNON BLANC "FESTIVAL"

Sauvignon Blanc is one of the oldest French grape varieties, which gained a foothold in South Tyrol over 100 years ago, and latterly has become the breakout variety. First and foremost, it unfolds its full potential on the steep east and west-facing slopes around Merano. A delicate, fruity temptation.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. SAUVIGNON BLANC "GRAF" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. SAUVIGNON BLANC "GRAF"

An old French grape variety that is celebrating a renaissance. Only introduced to South Tyrol at the end of the 19th century, today it covers large areas of the east and west-facing slopes along the Val d'Adige Valley. Unique, delicate wines of extraordinary minerality, depth and longevity are obtained from the porphyry and quartz-rich earth. A fresh and fruity wine for all the senses.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. SAUVIGNON BLANC "MERVIN" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. SAUVIGNON BLANC "MERVIN"

Some of the pioneering wine makers on the sun-kissed east-facing slopes 500 m above sea level around Lebenberg Castle, which overlooks the village of Cermes, discovered early on how to plant vines from the primitive rock of France. The credo was, and still remains: “only the best Sauvignon Blanc clones in the best locations with low yields”. Morning sunshine, downslope winds, plus a shale and quartz-rich soil provide the ideal conditions for a minerally, delicate and fiery white wine with a pleasing acidity structure. The unique palate feel is rounded off by a discreet hint of wood.

Kellerei St. Pauls Alte Reben - Schliff Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Kellerei St. PaulsAlte Reben - Schliff Sauvignon

THE DOWN-TO-EARTH ONE Immensely rich, yet modest. Advanced in years, yet persistent. Its most prominent attribute? The mineral-rich limestone soil on which Schliff thrives! With its deep roots, this Sauvignon can forcefully penetrate the scrap of earth upon which it grows. This deep-rooted attachment to Mother Earth is just what makes it so surprisingly rich in content – yet at the same time both structured and accentuated.

Peter Zemmer Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc DOC Peter Zemmer Bottle Preview
Peter ZemmerAlto Adige Sauvignon Blanc DOC Peter Zemmer

Grafted to slow-growing rootstock and trained on traditional wire trellises (Guyot), this Sauvignon flourishes at an elevation of 450 m. (1,500 ft.) in Pochi di Salorno. The favorable location of the vineyards, the very low yield, and the warm days and cool nights provide the ideal basis for the ripening of the grapes.

Ignaz Niedrist Alto Adige Sauvignon DOC Porphyr & Kalk Bottle Preview
Ignaz NiedristAlto Adige Sauvignon DOC Porphyr & Kalk

Pale straw color, very varietal specific aroma of herbs, gooseberry, and a hint of apricot. These aromas carry through onto the palate, which is rich but with excellent fresh acidity; very long finish. Great with seafood or cured meat antipasti.

Cantina Andriano Andrius Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Cantina AndrianoAndrius Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc

A complex, multifaceted Sauvignon Blanc named after the pre-roman designation of its place of origin. With delicate tannins, pronounced aromas and an intensive nose, it represents an especially successful interpretation of this variety of grape.

Kränzelhof Aries Bottle Preview

This very individual wine with excellent development potential and charisma is created from the 10-year-old Sauvignon vines at Kränzelhof.

Cantina Valle Isarco Aristos Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Cantina Valle IsarcoAristos Sauvignon

The grapes of this unique Sauvignon come from Campodazzo, a small winemaking town in the southern part of Valle Isarco. The concerted focus on cultivation and on compliance with severe production directives generate this unrepeatable aromatic wine that wins acclaim for its expressiveness and typicality.

Hännsl am Ort Asparagvs Bottle Preview
Hännsl am OrtAsparagvs

Komplex und filigrane Aromatik von Holunder und tropischen Früchten, Passionsfrucht, leichter Hauch an Würze, elegante, Fülle und Struktur, interessantes Säurespi”el, saftiger mineralischer Abgang.

Castelfeder CASTELFEDER SELECTION Sauvignon "Raif" Bottle Preview
CastelfederCASTELFEDER SELECTION Sauvignon "Raif"

Names: The name Raif derives from the high, cool areas of this Sauvignon, in South Tyrolean dialect named "die Raifen". Label: The label shows the distinctive leaf of the Sauvignon vine.

Cantina Valle Isarco Classic Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Cantina Valle IsarcoClassic Sauvignon

Originally from France, this grape variety was brought to Alto Adige about 100 years ago but only much more recently to the Valle Isarco. The porphyry-rich, warm, frost-protected soils of the lower Valle Isarco with their SE exposure confer to this wine the characteristics that have made it one of the noblest among white wines.

Kornell Cosmas Bottle Preview

Aroma: Complex and aromatic with notes of gooseberries, ripe fruits and a light nettle aroma backdrop. Flavour: Dry structure, mineral notes and a pleasing acidity, juicy with stimulating bitter nuances in the finish.

Winzerhof Seeleiten Doc Südtirol Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Winzerhof SeeleitenDoc Südtirol Sauvignon

A great combination of two top locations around the Lake Monticolo/Montiggl. The old and valuable vines in a unique position on moraine hills in Cornaiano/Girlan near the Hotel Weinegg and on mineral-rich porphyry soil in Monticolo/Montiggl complement each other and produce grapes full of character.

Girlan Flora Sauvignon Bottle Preview
GirlanFlora Sauvignon

Production area For this extraordinary wine we choose the best Sauvignon grapes from the hillside vineyards of the cru "Girlan", "Montiggl", "Eppan Berg" at an altitude of 500 m above sea level. The different combination of soils, from clay to lime and gravel is what gives this wine its unique character. Winemaking The grapes are picked by hand and placed in small containers to prevent excess pressure on the grapes. Gentle whole cluster pressing and clarification of the must by natural sedimentation. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Aging on the lees for 8 months in stainless steel tanks and large oak barrels without malolatic fermentation. Tasting notes & food matching The Sauvignon grape varietal grows in Alto Adige since more than a century. An intense bouquet of nettle and elderflower and a fresh lively flavour are typical qualities of this wine. The mineral nature and fresh acidity balance out in the aromas. A wine that adapts well to accompany fish, shellfish, asparagus and white meat dishes.

Cantina Andriano Floreado Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Cantina AndrianoFloreado Alto Adige Sauvignon Blanc

This aromatic Sauvignon Blanc is defined by flavors as floral as its name. It´s an aromatic, rich and racy wine with a scent of white blossoms.

Nals Margreid GENNEN Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Nals MargreidGENNEN Sauvignon

Kellerei Bozen Greel Sauvignon Riserva Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenGreel Sauvignon Riserva

The steep slopes on the Renon above Bolzano offer ideal conditions for producing a Sauvignon with unique fruit, minerality, elegance and depth.

Girlan Indra Sauvignon Bottle Preview
GirlanIndra Sauvignon

Production area Sauvignon is grown on the hillside vineyards of Girlan at an altitude ranging from 400 to 500 m above sea level in well aired vineyards. The soil is rich in minerals, the result of ice age sedimentation.The influence of the Eastern Alps, give to this wine its intense, characteristic bouquet. The grapes grow in glacial moraine soils and are harvested at the peak of ripeness. Winemaking The grapes are picked by hand and placed in small containers to prevent excess pressure on the grapes. Gentle whole cluster pressing and clarification of the must by natural sedimentation. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Aging on the lees for 6 months in stainless steel tanks without malolatic fermentation. Tasting notes & food matching The Sauvignon grape varietal grows in Alto Adige since more than a century. An elegant frame and fine consistency, with intense notes. An excellent structure that is flavoursome and mineral, with a persistent palate. This wine pair wonderfully with white-fleshed fish dishes, asparagus and other spring vegetables.

Nals Margreid MANTELE Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Nals MargreidMANTELE Sauvignon

Schloss Plars Marzan Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsMarzan

The Sauvignon is a smooth, aromatic wine of a straw yellow colour and an intensive smell of pineapple, gooseberry, elder and nettle. Fresh and bold – it goes perfectly with asparagus, onion soup, and fish dishes and can be drunk as an aperitif wine.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof MERUS Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofMERUS Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvingon Blanc is part of our entry-level label MERUS which is Latin and means ‘pure, genuine’. Those are exactly the traits we strive for in this quality line with the characteristic varietal purity and natural elegance dominating. The grapes originate from vineyards in the Unterland/Bassa Atesina: they are vinified in steel and concrete vats, then bottled while young, fresh and authentic.

Kellerei Bozen Mock Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenMock Sauvignon

This wine is the product of an ideal combination of grape variety, soil and microclimate. Selected grapes from the best sites produce expressive, authentic and complex wines. The Sauvignon Mock integrates vegetal, floral and fruity notes and combines a crisp acidity with flavorsome taste.

Kornell Oberberg Bottle Preview

Nose: multi-layered with notes of gooseberry, grapefruit, tomato leaves and a hint of mint and sage Palate: full-bodied, complex, salty notes with pronounced fullness and elegance, very powerful and minerally in the finish

J. Hofstätter OBERKERSCHBAUM Sauvignon Bottle Preview
J. HofstätterOBERKERSCHBAUM Sauvignon


Laimburg Winery Oyèll Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryOyèll

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta PARATUS Südt. Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaPARATUS Südt. Sauvignon DOC

» PARATUS - The feisty one « Ripe and resolute. The age of the vines and the location of the vineyards are the makings of this well-primed wine of striking quality.

Cantina Tramin PEPI Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Cantina TraminPEPI Sauvignon

The grapes come from vineyards planted in calcareous clay and gravel soils. This wine is intensely floral with a bouquet of elderflower and nettle, and spicy notes of paprika and green gooseberries.

Abbazia di Novacella Praepositus Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaPraepositus Sauvignon

Gump Hof - Markus Prackwieser Praesulis Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Gump Hof - Markus PrackwieserPraesulis Sauvignon

Fine, juicy fruit aromas with distinctive, delicately spicy citrus notes and a very persistent finish.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl PRAIL Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlPRAIL Sauvignon

Bright pale yellow colour with a green nuance, powerful aromas of elder and acacia flower, passion fruit, lime intert wined with herbal notes to the nose. The palate is complexed with hints of white currant, melon and stone fruit, underpinned by zesty acidity and a delicate flinty aftertaste.

Erste+Neue PUNTAY Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Erste+NeuePUNTAY Sauvignon DOC

Bright golden-yellow. Multi-layered bouquet of exotic fruits; the good acidity level gives this Sauvignon his vivacious freshness especially expressed in the harmonious aftertaste.

Cantina Terlano Quarz Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoQuarz Sauvignon Blanc

Delicate as the fine inclusions of quartz in Terlano’s volcanic porphyry rock - that is our Sauvignon Selection, which does full justice to its name. Quarz offers a combination of fine texture, depth and salty aftertaste that has given this noble white an international reputation.

Cantina Kaltern QUINTESSENZ Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternQUINTESSENZ Sauvignon DOC

The physical sensuality of a pleasure garden pervaded by hints of the wild. Lose your senses in a labyrinth of fragrances and find them again thanks to the thread of minerality that leads you to your gustatory goal.

Gump Hof - Markus Prackwieser Renaissance Sauvignon Riserva Bottle Preview
Gump Hof - Markus PrackwieserRenaissance Sauvignon Riserva

This Riserva offers delicate, multi-layered fruit aromas and pronounced mineral notes deriving from the soil; very fine texture and a salty aftertaste.

Cantina Tramin Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Cantina TraminSauvignon

The grapes come from vineyards planted in calcareous clay and gravel soils. Its freshness and intense flavour can be surprising.

MURI-GRIES Sauvignon Bottle Preview

The playful one. Floral, fruity and expressive.

Glassier Sauvignon Bottle Preview

Abbazia di Novacella Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaSauvignon

Kiemberger Sauvignon Bottle Preview

It grows on our highest vineyard at about 600 meters above sea level in the Kalterer district of St. Nikolaus with a lot of morning sun and cool airy climate.The vines were planted only in 2012. 20% of this wine matures in barrique barrels, giving our Sauvignon that harmony that we appreciate so much. Vegetal nose with citrus aromas and bright floral tones, hints of elderberry. Ripe, melting in the mouth, butter and cream caramel, fine acidity, vanilla hints, good substance and persistence, floral and very light ethereal nuances, buttery finish with mineral hints.

Hans Rottensteiner Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerSauvignon

150 years ago, Archduke Johann of Austria brought this variety to South Tyrol. In the meantime this variety is homelike in the whole region.

Josef Brigl Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Josef BriglSauvignon

Sauvignon is an elegant, lightly aromatic-grassy white wine, greenish yellow in colour, racy with an aroma and flavour reminiscent of green capsicum and gooseberry.

Weingut Spitalerhof Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofSauvignon

The gentle pressing gives this wine its pleasant aroma of nettle, elderberry and gooseberry. Full-bodied and racy in taste, it goes well with asparagus, fish and as an aperitif. Harvest: End of September

Falkenstein Sauvignon Bottle Preview

Cantina Kurtatsch Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschSauvignon

Sauvignon vines prefer airy sites with limestone soils such as the steep slopes of Cantina Kurtatsch between 450 and 600 m a.s.l.. The evening fall winds provide cooling climate regulation. On these deep, gravelly dolomite chalk soils, a type of dainty Sauvignon develops that is reminiscent of elderflowers, gooseberries and exotic fruits. In the mouth it is balanced and juicy. The lively acidity gives its body a striking outline. Typical for this Sauvignon Selection is the salty notes on the palate, which draws the finish out in length.

J. Hofstätter Sauvignon Bottle Preview
J. HofstätterSauvignon

Thurnhof Sauvignon 800 Bottle Preview
ThurnhofSauvignon 800

Mineralisch rassig Die besondere Lage in einem steilen und nach Süden gerichteten Hang verleiht dem Wein eine sehr eigenständige und besondere Identität, ein ausprägtes Aroma nach Holunderblüte, Stachelbeeren und tropischen Früchten und ein Geschmackserlebnis das dominiert wird von Frucht und Mineralität von einem zugleich kräftigen und feingliedrigen Körper und langem Abgang. Ausbau im Stahltank Alkoholgehalt ca. 13,5% Gesamtsäuregehalt ca. 6 g/l Abgefüllte Flaschen 4000 – 5000 Lagerungspotential 5-8 Jahre

Steinhaus Sauvignon Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
SteinhausSauvignon Alto Adige DOC

The grapes are harvested by hand and placed in small boxes. As soon as they arrive at the production facility they are softly pressed and the juice is subjected to a static clarification. Fermentation takes place at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. The wine, afterwards, rests throughout the winter on its fine lees, to then be bottled the following spring maintaining an unmistakable aroma, freshness and flavor.

Franz Haas Sauvignon Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
Franz HaasSauvignon Alto Adige DOC

The Sauvignon has a pale, straw yellow color with greenish hues. The nose is seduced with a colorful bouquet of aromas, including elderflowers, white peaches, complex notes pinned with dried fruits and Asian aromas. On the palate, it releases a lively and sapid acidity with mineral notes, while the ending notes are very persistent and stimulating and characterized by a pleasant fullness and elegance.

Laimburg Winery Sauvignon blanc Bottle Preview
Laimburg WinerySauvignon blanc

Castel Englar Winery Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Castel Englar WinerySauvignon Blanc

Due to its aromatic note, the popularity of Sauvignon Blanc is growing. The airy sites of our vineyard produce a filigree wine.

Castel Sallegg Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggSauvignon Blanc

Bright straw yellow, aromas of elderberry and gooseberry with typical vegetal notes, zesty acidity and powerful finish.

Pratenberg Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
PratenbergSauvignon Blanc

Mauslocher Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
MauslocherSauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a fine, lightly aromatic white wine of greenish-yellow colour with an intense nose of apples, stone fruit, pineapple and passion fruit. Its pleasant acidity, combined with a medium body and its long finish, make it an ideal companion to food.

Riedingerhof Sauvignon Blanc 2019 Bottle Preview
RiedingerhofSauvignon Blanc 2019

Soft acidity and fruity aromas build the foundation of this fresh summer wine with elder and peach flavors on the nose. Beside fruity softness even mineral aspects play a characteristic role on the palate. Vinifications: - Two days maceration and gentle pressing - Spontaneous mash fermentation with wild yeasts from the own vineyard in steel barrels (70%) and tonneaux barrels (30 %). Location: Via Winkel Merano (400 MASL), at Riedingerhof Maia Alta Merano (450 MASL)

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Sauvignon blanc Lafóa Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlSauvignon blanc Lafóa

A clean, concentrated floral nose reminiscent of elder and acacia flower with hint of sage; fresh and distinctive on palate with nicely rounded fruit, light oak spice and a crisp finish.

Ansitz Waldgries Sauvignon Blanc MYRA Bottle Preview
Ansitz WaldgriesSauvignon Blanc MYRA

Sauvignon Blanc from Waldgries is like the mountains of the Alps: a crisp, fresh and minerally wine that reveals what lies in the terroir of Appiano Mountain.

Pfitscher Sauvignon Blanc Riserva MATHIAS Bottle Preview
PfitscherSauvignon Blanc Riserva MATHIAS

This white wine is grown on gray porphyry and sandy limestone rock flour. With its pale-green colour, it reveals its complex potential in the glass with mineral flint nuances and crystal clear fruit. The taste is dry and the wine shows deepness, precision and a persistent finish.

Pfitscher Sauvignon Blanc SAXUM Bottle Preview
PfitscherSauvignon Blanc SAXUM

This white wine is grown on ice-age calcareous soils. With its pale-green colour, it has unmistakably intense scents of gooseberries, currants, elder, lilac and peach. Its nose has a very fruity and intense flavour, while the taste is dry with a fine interplay of acids.

Messnerhof Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
MessnerhofSauvignon DOC

Particolarmente caratteristico è il profumo di questo vino denotando una buona complessità con sentori floreali di sambuco e ortica, in combinazione con leggeri sentori di legno.

Cantina Kaltern Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternSauvignon DOC

Sauvignon’s fragrances instantly evoke sunshine and holidays. Try it with sardines or mackerel, as well as the traditional asparagus, or even with a spread of dainty dim sum.

Tröpfltalhof Sauvignon Garnellen Anphora Bottle Preview
TröpfltalhofSauvignon Garnellen Anphora

Sauvignon Blanc grapes fermented spontaneously on the skins in amphorae of clay over a 21-month maturation process.

Glögglhof Sauvignon Karneid DOC Bottle Preview
GlögglhofSauvignon Karneid DOC

The Sauvignon Karneid exhibits a fruity and at the same time complex personality. Fermentation on the skins helps extract the intricate and complex aromas of the skins and adds a subtle depth.

Cantina Kurtatsch Sauvignon KOFL Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschSauvignon KOFL

Kofl, in the Alpine area of German-speakers, means "mountain knoll". The proximity of these steep slopes to the westerly mountain range guarantees an early sunset. The evening fall winds provide for important cooling of the delicate grapes. With the high share of limestone in the porous soil rich in dolomite, the Penon- Kofl vineyards constitute ideal terroir for Sauvignons with long potential for ageing. Its bouquet stands out with notes of exotic fruits, gooseberries and kiwi along with sage and elderflowers. Dynamics and power unite in an impressive way. Mineral backbone gives KOFL additional complexity and length. An expressive wine without being loud.

St. Michael-Eppan Sauvignon Lahn Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanSauvignon Lahn

This grape with its intense and pronounced aroma, has been cultivated in the Oltradige area since the 1980s. The stony limestone gravel and the considerable range of temperatures in the Lahn Vineyards favour the production of a lively and expressive Sauvignon. With its freshness, delicate minerality, and splendid crispness, Lahn Sauvignon has a great personality.

Stroblhof Sauvignon "Nico" Bottle Preview
StroblhofSauvignon "Nico"

Two vineyards in Kaltern. Bright straw yellow colour. Fine aromas of elderflower, gooseberry, and exotic fruit. Very present on the palate, salty and mineral. Long lasting in the finish.

K.Martini & Sohn Sauvignon Palladium Bottle Preview
K.Martini & SohnSauvignon Palladium

Sauvignon is an elegant, lightly aromatic-grassy white wine, greenish yellow in colour, racy with an aroma and flavour reminiscent of green capsicum, gooseberry, tomato leaves, asparagus and elderberry flowers.

Unterganzner Sauvignon Platt &  Pignat Bottle Preview
UnterganznerSauvignon Platt & Pignat

The Mayr-Unterganzner family’s estate is built on porphyritic rocks at 285m above sea-level on the eastern edge of Bolzano, where the Eggentaler rivulet flows into the Eisack river. Since the distant year 1629, our family is cultivating grapes on this winery.

St. Michael-Eppan Sauvignon Sanct Valentin Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanSauvignon Sanct Valentin

In 1989 St. Michael-Eppan Winery started producing its most famous white wine and for over 30 years the Sanct Valentin Sauvignon has flourished in selected vineyards in the excellent growing conditions at the foot of the Mendel Massif to produce a high profile wine . Characterised by alluring fruit, excellent minerality and persistence. Not only is it the most important wine of the Sanct Valentin line, but also one of Italy’s most award-winning whites. With a seductive fruit and excellent minerality and persistence, this wine is the pride of the Sanct Valentin line and one of Italy’s most awarded-winning white wines.

Weingut Obermoser Sauvignon Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserSauvignon Südtirol DOC

The well-known complex aromas of paprika, cut nettles, hay and elderberry are joined by exotic tropical fruit notes. A cheeky individual flavorist combined from two sites, one of which is the highest of our vineyards for the right freshness. Great with asparagus, onion soup, vegetarian dishes, seafood, light fish and spicy Asian dishes as well as sushi. "perfumed wine for connoisseurs" "interesting expression of warm southern slopes" "A type with a fine fragrance" We cultivate this grape variety in the Guyot system instead of the traditional Pergola. The crisp alpine minerality of the small golden yellow grapes is kept by aging in steel barrels for about 6 months.

St. Michael-Eppan Sauvignon The Wine Collection Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanSauvignon The Wine Collection

Sauvignon 2017 “The Wine Collection” is the third Sauvignon to be presented in this young collection. TWC comprises only the most perfect varietal wines which are kept to a very limited output. The Sauvignon is definitely the white grape variety that is, without doubt closest, to the heart of the St. Michael-Eppan winery and Hans Terzer.

Josef Brigl Sauvignon "Vigna Rielerhof" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglSauvignon "Vigna Rielerhof"

Our Vigna Rielerhof is located at 500 m just above the nearby City Bolzano. The exposure and the slope giving the grapes its typically aroma. Soil, sand and calcareous soil gives the freshness.

Kellerei St. Pauls Selections - Gfill Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Kellerei St. PaulsSelections - Gfill Sauvignon

THE WIND-KISSED ONE With warm Mediterranean temperatures during the day, cool evening breezes, wide green spaces to breathe in and magnificent residences to admire: even before the planting of one of the first Sauvignon vineyards, the slightly hilly, magical Gfiller locality was popular with those seeking peace, quiet and respite from the heat. This is where northerly and southerly winds encounter the cool downwinds from the Mendel Ridge to lend this Sauvignon, which thrives in the moraine soil, an incomparable freshness.

Nals Margreid STEIN Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Nals MargreidSTEIN Sauvignon

Cantina Kaltern STERN Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternSTERN Sauvignon DOC

Fragrances that enfold as discreetly as a sunny morning.

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta Südt. Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaSüdt. Sauvignon DOC

This Sauvignon is an aromatic white wine with a pale, straw-yellow colour. A wine with a distinctive bouquet of elderflower and gooseberries, underpinned with typical notes of stinging nettle and tomato leaves.

Weingut Loacker TASNIM Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Weingut LoackerTASNIM Sauvignon Blanc

Lemon yellow. Mainly fruity bouquet with aromas of tropical fruit, peach and apricot and floral with hints of daisies. Fresh, lively and very harmonic.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof TURMHOF Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofTURMHOF Sauvignon Blanc

This Sauvignon Blanc belongs to our selection TURMHOF where we pay particular attention to the sensory complexity of the respective grape varieties and compose the wine by carefully selecting the vineyards used. Maturing this white wine partially in oak on the lees supports the balance between complexity and elegance and smoothens the perceived acidity.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof VIGNA RACHTL Sauvignon Blanc Riserva Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofVIGNA RACHTL Sauvignon Blanc Riserva

This single vineyard of RACHTL Sauvignon Blanc Riserva situated in Völser Aicha/Aica di Sotto is part of the Selection VIGNA which follows the tradition of the Grand Cru, the cultivation of first-class wines that are strictly derived from one location. The strength of our wines stems from our knowledge of the optimum interplay of correct soil tending, varieties and climate conditions. Low yields, careful production techniques and appropriate storage all permit wines to mature with a clearly recognizable nature and personality.

Rohregger Weingut Tenuta VOM KALK Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Rohregger Weingut TenutaVOM KALK Sauvignon Blanc

The grapes for this wine grow on limestone gravel soils in two locations: Unterplanitzing/Kaltern at 440 m above sea level and Graun/Kurtatsch at 800 m above sea level.

Cantina Terlano Winkl Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoWinkl Sauvignon Blanc

Winkl is a juicy, delicately fruity, minerally Sauvignon Blanc, which has been produced as a varietal wine since 1956. In the Terlano DOC area, this grape variety has long been grown with excellent results in the oldest vineyards.

Schloss Plars Zepin Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsZepin

It's an orange wine