Sauvignon PARATUS expresses the best interaction between vine, soil types and microclimate. Selected grapes from the indicated areas make this expressive, typical and complex Sauvignon. Paratus combines vegetable and fruity-flowered notes of elderberry flowers and raisins, interweaving its delicate acidity with a full taste.

Growing Conditions

In the municipality of Montan in Bassa Atesina and in the municipality of Renon at a height of 450-650 m. The cultivation takes place at guyot with about 7500 plants per hectare. The ground is mixed from gravelly clayey to
morenic with porphyry deposits.


Careful manual harvest of ripe grapes around mid-October with a yield of about 50 hl per hectare.


After a long maceration, follows gentle squeezing of the grapes. Clarification of the must happens by natural sedimentation. The fermentation takes place in steel at a temperature of 17 ° C.

Food Pairing

Sauvignon PARATUS pairs wonderfully with grilled fish, asparagus, both green and white, but also with tasty vegetable risotto, and is a good sip for special moments.