Growing Conditions

30 - 15 year old Sauvignon Blanc vines from different selections. The vineyard is located 500 m above sea level on marly soil with volcanic porphyry and calcareous dolomite. Through extensive biodynamic treatment, a great natural diversity develops in the vineyard.


The grapes are collected by hand. Each one is thoroughly examined and only the golden and ripest find their way into the amphora. The yield per acre are a humble 10 hl.


The grapes are fermented spontaneously on the skins in amphorae of clay. Finally, in spring the wine is separated from the skins and then develops its tannins for another 14 months in the amphora with the help of the fine yeasts. Through this 21-month maturation process in the amphora, it develops a natural balance, which contributes to its long lasting potential.