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A brief history

Our vineyard consists of 2.6 hectares of wine and 1.1 hectares of meadows and arable land. It has been cared for by our family for centuries and in 2004 we came across biodynamic agriculture. In addition to grapes, spelt is also grown in small quantities and for 12 years an old variety of native corn carefully selected by us. A herd of sheep grazes among the vines and gives us, in addition to manure for the plants, a soul to the company organism. For us biodynamics is not a method of cultivation but a holistic development of the farmer with his company. Our thoughts are turned to the earth, we work primarily for something and we try to minimize the interventions against something, so in addition to the biodynamic preparations we use nettle, chamomile and horsetail infusions to strengthen the vital forces.

The minimalistic approach is carefully followed even in the vinery. We do not take away from or add anything to our wines, apart from our loving attention. Spontaneous fermentation, no clarification, no pumps - we do not produce wines but let them be born and develop naturally. The only thing added is about 35 mg. of sulphites for bottling. Most of the 8,000 to 12,000 bottles produced are vinified in terracotta amphorae of the Spanish type, as is our leading wine "Garnellen" Sauvignon Anphora.

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