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Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. TRAMINER AROMATICO "GRAF" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. TRAMINER AROMATICO "GRAF"

Rose petals, lychee, cloves and tropical fruits - this opulent range of fragrances and flavours describes in a nutshell what is South Tyrol’s best-known indigenous grape variety around the world - the Traminer Aromatico (Gewürztraminer). The full potential of this highly individual variety can only be truly exploited with the perfect interaction of microclimate, yield and soil composition. A true King of Fragrances.

Cantina Andriano Alto Adige Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Cantina AndrianoAlto Adige Gewürztraminer

Named after the winemaking village of Tramin in the South Tyrolean Unterland, Gewürztraminer is a familiar item in the region’s white wine repertoire. With its floral fruitiness and highly aromatic components, this wine has a devoted following and is especially appreciated as an accompaniment to Asian dishes.

Peter Zemmer Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC Frauenrigl Bottle Preview
Peter ZemmerAlto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC Frauenrigl

Grafted to slow-growing rootstock and trained on traditional wire trellises (Guyot), this Gewürztraminer grows in the best vineyard zones in the valley floor around the center of Cortina s.s.d.v. The favourable location of the vineyards, ideal sunshine, and the good ventilation of the berries develop the best sides of the character of this varietal.

Peter Zemmer Alto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC Peter Zemmer Bottle Preview
Peter ZemmerAlto Adige Gewürztraminer DOC Peter Zemmer

Grafted to slow-growing rootstock and trained on traditional wire trellises (Guyot), this Gewürztraminer grows in the best vineyard zones in the valley floor around the center of Cortina s.s.d.v. The favourable location of the vineyards, ideal sunshine, and the good ventilation of the berries develop the best sides of the character of this varietal.

Weingut Loacker ATAGIS Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Weingut LoackerATAGIS Gewürztraminer

Golden yellow. To the nose rich, aromatic and floral with hints of rose and litchi. Silky and fresh at the same time.

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta AURATUS Südt. Gewürztraminer DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaAURATUS Südt. Gewürztraminer DOC

» AURATUS - The golden « A wine as precious as gold. In every aspect. The native variety Gewürztraminer is spicy and aromatic in a particular way.

Cantina Kaltern CAMPANER Gewürztraminer DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternCAMPANER Gewürztraminer DOC

Multi-faceted, solidly structured and infused by an idea of light.

Castelfeder CASTELFEDER SELECTION Gewürztraminer "Vom Lehm" Bottle Preview
CastelfederCASTELFEDER SELECTION Gewürztraminer "Vom Lehm"

Name: „Vom Lehm“ means the loamy soil on which the grapes for this Gewürztraminer bring out best results. Label: Shows the development from the loamy soils to the vine and to the final wine in the glass.

Kellerei Bozen Ceslar Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenCeslar Gewürztraminer

Traminer was a familiar wine in German-speaking areas as far back as the 13th century. Today this aromatic wine is one of the most popular in Alto Adige. As the name indicates, the Gewürztraminer originates from the Alto Adige village of Termeno (Tramin in German). The grapes, which are harvested from selected sites, produce a wine that is intensely fruity and full-flavored with a zesty opulence.

Kornell Damian Bottle Preview

Nose: deep, fruity aromas of orange peel, some dried fruit and marzipan, a hint of rose fragrance and cinnamon in the finish Palate: drinkable, inviting, lively freshness, juicy fullness, full-bodied

Laimburg Winery Elyònd Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryElyònd

Gewürztraminer Riserva Rich, golden yellow. Roses, lavender and dried figs define the aroma spectrum. A pleasant, lingering acidity imparts elegance and finesse. Opulent yet well balanced; dry. Elyònd: The Ladin name derives from Dolomite legends and means »Golden haired mountain princess.«

Cantina Tramin EPOKALE Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Cantina TraminEPOKALE Gewürztraminer

Epokale is the first Italian white wine to be awarded 100 points by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate.

Girlan Flora Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
GirlanFlora Gewürztraminer

Production area One third of the grapes chosen for this extraordinary wine come from the hillside vineyards of the cru "Girlan" at an altitude from 450 to 500 m above sea level. They grow in different vineyards with an age between 10 and 15 years. The other two thirds come from the Bassa Atesina - Cortaccia. The combination of mineral-rich gravel and clay soils gives this wine its unique character. Winemaking The grapes are picked by hand and placed in small containers to prevent excess pressure on the grapes. Gentle whole cluster pressing and clarification of the must by natural sedimentation. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature. Aging on the lees for 8 months in stainless steel tanks without malolatic fermentation. Tasting notes & food matching The intense, aromatic bouquet, together with soft, full character needs flavoursome dishes. We recommend serving this wine with shellfish, flavoured cheeses and desserts, such as strudel. Also a good match with spicy dishes and sweet and sour creations with an Asian touch.

Klaus Lentsch Fuchslahn Südtirol Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Klaus LentschFuchslahn Südtirol Gewürztraminer

zupackend, bestimmt, kraftvoll

Lieselehof Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

MURI-GRIES Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

The aromatic one. An opulent choice for special occasions.

Elena Walch Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Elena WalchGewürztraminer

Cantina Terlano Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoGewürztraminer

Named after the winemaking village of Tramin in the South Tyrolean Unterland, Gewürztraminer is a familiar item in the region’s white wine repertoire. With its floral fruitiness and highly aromatic components, this wine has a devoted following and is especially appreciated as an accompaniment to Asian dishes.

Maso Thaler Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Maso ThalerGewürztraminer

Taschlerhof Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

Kuenhof Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

The Gewürztraminer has been documented in South Tyrol since the 11th century. In spite of the light red coloured grape it is part of the white wines. This variety is the smallest part of our production. The vines grow in the sunny location around the Kuenhof. Our Gewürztraminer is characterized by a very fine aroma and elegance.

Abbazia di Novacella Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaGewürztraminer

Köfelgut Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

Diese typische Südtiroler Sorte ist eine Aromensymphonie: Rosenblüten, Litschi, Muskat, körperreich. Empfehlung: Aperitif, Pasteten, exotische Früchte, pikanter Käse

Laimburg Winery Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryGewürztraminer

Weingut Pföstl Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Weingut PföstlGewürztraminer

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlGewürztraminer

Golden yellow in colour, spicy in aroma and flavour, reminiscent of yellow roses, cloves, lychees and nutmeg. Luscious and powerful on the palate with an elegant, dry and aromatic finish.

Josef Brigl Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Josef BriglGewürztraminer

Traminer Aromatico has become one of South Tyrol's most sought-after white wines, straw- to golden-yellow, aromatic and full-bodied, discreet to pungent on the nose, agreeably dry and spicy with hints of clove, roses and lychee.

Weingut Spitalerhof Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofGewürztraminer

Our Gewürztraminer has an intense scent of roses and a light note of fresh cloves. With its aroma and intensity, this mineral wine goes well with cheese, shellfish, fish and as an aperitif. Harvest: Mid-October

Brunnenhof-Mazzon Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

Dominikus Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

Grape variety: Gewürztraminer Location: Kalterersee Bärental 340 m.s.l.; Tramin 250 m.s.l. Yield: reduced 80 dz/ha Alcohol content: 15,0 Vol % Acidity: 4,5 g/l Residual sugar: 1,7 g/l Description: Our Gewürztraminer is a bright yellow wine with a wide range of aromas: rose petals, honey, ripe apricots and lychee. It is very fragrant and full of flavor, with a strong body structure and a lasting finish. This Gewürztraminer surprises with a dry finish and no residual sweetness, which is unusual for this grape variety. Recommended with: This wine is enjoyed best with strong cheeses, Asian cuisine and fish dishes, but also excellent as an aperitif wine. Serving temperature: 10°- 12°C

Castel Sallegg Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggGewürztraminer

Light golden yellow, aromatic, spicy, sweet fruits, multilayered, fresh and elegant.

Ansitz Rynnhof Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Ansitz RynnhofGewürztraminer

“My golden yellow tells 1,001 stories of the flavours of the Orient – and yet I am unmistakably from here. I have character and a beautiful depth.”

Falkenstein Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

Mauslocher Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

One of South Tyrol’s oldest and most typical grape varietals, Gewürztraminer is highly aromatic. Of high quality, Gewürztraminer has distinct aromas of spices (especially cloves), roses and litchi. Its colour is straw yellow with hues of gold. Gewürztraminer has got a light acidity, but still manages to show great longevity. Ours is an excellent companion to food, especially Asian and spicy food as well as our typical South Tyrolean Speck.

Franz Haas Gewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
Franz HaasGewürztraminer Alto Adige DOC

The Gewürztraminer has an intense, golden yellow color with a deep bouquet of complex aromas such as lychee, orange peel, cloves, nutmeg and rose. The wine needs rest for a few moments in the glass to fully express at its best. The palate is full and stimulating thanks to its structure, freshness and vivacity, with a slightly bitter and persistent final note. The Gewürztraminer achieves its complete evolution only after several months of aging in the bottle.

Cantina Kurtatsch Gewürztraminer Arenis Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschGewürztraminer Arenis

The name 'Arenis' comes from Italian "arenaria rossa", or red sandstone. This rock lends the sandy and loamy soils of the eastern-facing vineyards their striking color. The vineyards between 300 and 400m a.s.l. in the south of Alto Adige are not only considered the ideal terroir, but also the native habitat of the Gewürztraminer grape with its demanding site requirements. Due to the heavily reduced yield of the vines, Arenis is very complex in aromas: roses, litchee, jasmine and exotic spices. A decisive mineral backbone gives the full-bodied wine prolonged freshness. Arenis is expressive yet highly drinkable and maintains the perfect balance between intensity and elegance.

Castel Englar Winery Gewürztraminer Classic Bottle Preview
Castel Englar WineryGewürztraminer Classic

The intense fragrance of this wine, of roses and cloves, oriental spices and exotic fruits, can inspire and characterise its aroma. The Gewürztraminer is vinified by us completely without residual sweetness.

Cantina Kaltern Gewürztraminer DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternGewürztraminer DOC

Rococo gold leaf with Bach in the background. Or, less dramatically, with Thai cuisine.

Messnerhof Gewürztraminer DOC Bottle Preview
MessnerhofGewürztraminer DOC

Profumi di petali di rosa e cannella, al palato si rivela piacevolmente speziato e di gusto pieno, robusto nella sua struttura e con aromi molto persistenti.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Gewürztraminer Lafóa Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlGewürztraminer Lafóa

Full yellow in colour; a deliciously intensely aromatic and floral bouquet with hints of honey and ginger and a flavour of lychees; full-bodied, luscious but dry, the opulence cut by vibrant, firm acidity.

Castel Englar Winery Gewürztraminer, Orange Bottle Preview
Castel Englar WineryGewürztraminer, Orange

The Orange is the powerful variant of our Gewürztraminer. It smells beguilingly of tropical fruits with a hint of oriental spice. The pink berry skins are reflected in the wine.

Cantina Kurtatsch Gewürztraminer Riserva BRENNTAL Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschGewürztraminer Riserva BRENNTAL

The demanding Gewürztraminer grape prefers warm, airy locations with deep, loamy soils. These prerequisites are found in Brenntal to the northwest of Kurtatsch.From the red loamy soils, the Gewürztraminer obtains its multifaceted aromatics: lychee, roses, mango, caramelized orange peel and lavender. On the palate, the wine is creamy-textured with elegant acidity which balances with its muscular body. The wine reaches its full complexity after extended ageing in the cellar and the bottle. Because of this, it is released two years after harvest as a reserve wine. Its ageing capability of up to 20 years is enormous.

Pfitscher Gewürztraminer Riserva RUTTER Bottle Preview
PfitscherGewürztraminer Riserva RUTTER

This intense golden coloured Gewürztraminer "Rutter" grows in a single vineyard and presents itself with an aroma of roses. This harmonic and lastingly aromatic wine reaches its full development only after several months of aging in the bottle.

St. Michael-Eppan Gewürztraminer Sanct Valentin Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanGewürztraminer Sanct Valentin

The charming Gewürztraminer is one of the most memorable varieties amongst all wine-lovers. Since 1986, Gewürztraminer, with its indigenous aromatic grapes, has been a Sanct Valentin distinctive wine. It has an intense and complex bouquet, rich with aromas and delicate scents of fruits and spices. It stands out for being pleasant to the palate and promises a wonderful drinking experience even after many years.

Pfitscher Gewürztraminer STOASS Bottle Preview
PfitscherGewürztraminer STOASS

This long-lived, elegant Gewürztraminer is intensive and tangy. The fruity, aromatic scent is reminiscent of roses and has flavours of exotic fruits. The taste of this straw- to golden- yellow white wine is structured and harmonious.

Josef Brigl Gewürztraminer "Vigna WIndegg" Bottle Preview
Josef BriglGewürztraminer "Vigna WIndegg"

Traminer Aromatico has become one of South Tyrol's most sought-after white wines, straw- to golden-yellow, aromatic and full-bodied, discreet to pungent on the nose, agreeably dry and spicy with hints of clove, roses and lychee.

Kellerei Bozen Kleinstein Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenKleinstein Gewürztraminer

This wine is the product of an ideal combination of grape variety, soil and microclimate. Selected grapes from the best sites produce expressive, authentic and complex wines.

Cantina Terlano Lunare Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoLunare Gewürztraminer

Our Lunare is an opulent and elegant wine. Its extremely complex aromas and powerful structure combine to create an overall impression of harmony in a highly quaffable wine.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof MERUS Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofMERUS Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer is an indigenous grape variety of Südtirol/Alto Adige and was named after our neighboring village Tramin. This wine is part of our entry-level label MERUS which is Latin and means ‘pure, genuine’. Those are exactly the traits we strive for in this quality line with the characteristic varietal purity and natural elegance dominating. The grapes originate from vineyards in the Unterland/Bassa Atesina: they are vinified in steel and concrete vats, then bottled while young, fresh and authentic.

Laimburg Winery Norèy Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryNorèy

Cantina Tramin NUSSBAUMER Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Cantina TraminNUSSBAUMER Gewürztraminer

Nussbaumer is Italy’s most awarded Gewürztraminer. A wine where the elegance and spicy aromatics of this ancient variety find their maximum expression.

Castel Englar Winery Passito Bottle Preview
Castel Englar WineryPassito

The grapes for our sweet vine remain on the vineyards until around Christmas and dry slowly in the winter sun, wetted by the autumn mist and the first snow. The slow fermentation over months results in a spicy-exotic bouquet. The Passito is very fruity with a fine melt and delicate acidity.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl PERELISE Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlPERELISE Gewürztraminer

Bright lemon yellow, rich flavours of cinnamon and vanilla. Aroma of rose petals, fruity notes of ripe apricots and lychee. A powerful body with surprising finesse and elegance at the palate.

Abbazia di Novacella Praepositus Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaPraepositus Gewürztraminer

Gump Hof - Markus Prackwieser Praesulis Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Gump Hof - Markus PrackwieserPraesulis Gewürztraminer

Wonderful range of aromas, from typical rose petal to litchi notes; a dry wine.

Kellerei St. Pauls Selections - Justina Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Kellerei St. PaulsSelections - Justina Gewürztraminer

THE RADIANT ONE There are places that radiate joy and possess a very special aura. The Chapel of St. Justina watches over St. Paul’s proudly and gracefully, giving not only its name to the vines that surround it, but also an immense radiance. Here the Gewürztraminer draws its energy from the historic, sacred location while at the same time feeding on the morning sun and the nutritious, warm clay soil.

Cantina Tramin Selida Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Cantina TraminSelida Gewürztraminer

Gewürztraminer from Cantina Tramin distinguishes itself by virtue of its elegance and freshness. Scented bouquet and pronounced aromas of rose petals, cinnamon and cloves. Very well structured on the palate and powerful. The complex flavors lead to a mervellous finish.

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta Südt. Gewürztraminer DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaSüdt. Gewürztraminer DOC

A bright, straw-yellow colour with an unmistakeable aroma of roses, carnations and geraniums. This variety of flavours unfurls on the tongue and penetrates the palate to achieve a perfectly smooth finish.

Erbhof Pitsch am Bach Südtiroler Gewüztraminer DOC Bottle Preview
Erbhof Pitsch am BachSüdtiroler Gewüztraminer DOC

Its distinguished straw yellow presents us with a subtle drop of floral scents of roses, lemons, oranges and honey nuances. The smooth body and the well embedded acidity give pleasant palate pleasures.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano SÜDT. TRAMINER AROMATICO "FESTIVAL" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoSÜDT. TRAMINER AROMATICO "FESTIVAL"

The Gewürztraminer is South Tyrol’s indigenous white wine grape variety and really flourishes at the lower elevations around Merano. Records from as long ago as the 11th century mention this extraordinary, unique and extremely aromatic white grape. Our King of Fragrances.

Hans Rottensteiner Traminer Aromatico Cancenai / Gewürztraminer Cancenai Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerTraminer Aromatico Cancenai / Gewürztraminer Cancenai

The Gewürztraminer is one of the wines that made famous the wine region of South Tyrol throughout Italy. The extreme aromaticity and exciting structure make it such a unique wine.

Hans Rottensteiner Traminer Aromatico / Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerTraminer Aromatico / Gewürztraminer

Starting from its place of birth in the village Termeno (Tramin) in the southern South Tyrol, this variety conquered almost the whole world. Still, it shows its best characteristics in its home country, with its typical spicy (cloves), floral (roses) and fruity (lychee) notes.

Hans Rottensteiner Traminer Aromatico Passito Cresta / Gewürztraminer Passito Cresta Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerTraminer Aromatico Passito Cresta / Gewürztraminer Passito Cresta

Produced for the first time in 1999, our “Cresta” has created a stir since its inception, which is evidenced by the many awards and distinctions at national and international wine competitions.

J. Hofstätter Vigna KOLBENHOF Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview
J. HofstätterVigna KOLBENHOF Gewürztraminer