intensive and impressive; rose petals, lavender, ripe exotic yellow fruits, honeydew, mango, passion fruit, peach, lychee; spicy notes of dried herbs: cloves, sage, ginger, saffron, cinnamon and nutmeg


strong showing, very elegant and graceful, enormous depth, deeply aromatic, rich in content and essence, but with delicately flavored succulence and salty minerality. Highly refined residual sweetness in harmony with mild acidity, a nearly endless finish.

Growing Conditions

Due to low spring temperatures and continuous rainy periods in early summer, the vines began to grow and bloom later than in the previous years. The well-watered soil was ideally prepared for a summer of high temperatures. Harvest began about ten days later than usual, and cool nights and sunny days complemented each other ideally shortly before the white wine harvest. The white wines show excellent and extraordinary quality, endowed with highly elegant aromas of fruit and intensive freshness! The red grapes yearned for the increasingly sparse hours of fall sun. The redwines show clear fruity aromas and typical varietal character, providing for authentic drinking pleasure even at a young age.


end of October


The grapes are harvested by hand into small bins, with careful attention to every berry, and gently pressed after a short period of maceration. After destemming and compaction, a short period of maceration at low temperature follows, then gentle pressing. Fermentation takes place slowly, for more than 4 weeks at a controlled temperature of 18°C, before it is stopped by cooling to 5°C for 10 days. The wine is then transferred into small stainless-steel tanks.


Maturation takes place in small steel tanks with constant contact with the lees for 8 months, whereas must is clarified through natural sedimentation of the particles. After bottling, the wine is carried to the Ridanna Monteneve mine, at over 2,000 m in altitude. Here, the wine ages in the dark for nearly 6 years, 4 km deep in the mine, in an environment that maintains constant 90% humidity and a temperature of 11°C all year long, with the air pressure the same as outdoors.


gleaming, intense golden yellow

Food Pairing

ideal opponent to spicy dishes, its blossom aromas harmonize with seafood and
grilled fish, fabulous with white meat or dishes replete with substantial herbs or spices, like game
with pear, cranberry jam and alpine herbs. Perfect with smear-ripened cheeses such as Taleggio,
Remoudou or Appenzeller; last but not least, it goes well with the typical, not-too-sweet desserts of
the Alps, like apple strudel with cinnamon, prune tart or Kaiserschmarrn