Opaque and concentrated with a well-knit, perfectly integrated, opulent, warm array of aromas reminiscent of blackberry jam, wild fruits and undergrowth.


On the palate the wine reveals its vinous aromas combined with a firm, elegant tannic structure, moving on to a long, full finish.

Growing Conditions



The grapes are destemmed and crushed in the usual manner and fermented for
10 days at a controlled temperature. During this period the cap of skins and other solids which are driven to the surface is broken up and kept constantly
submerged in the wine by punching down and pumping over. Towards the end
of the fermentation we allow the temperature to climb a little in order to extract
as much colour, aroma and flavour as possible from the skins.


Intense ruby.

Food Pairing

Excellent with dark, grilled meats and substantial, full flavoured dishes.