Well-balanced on the palate with excellent mouth feel and fruit underpinned by firm, mouthwatering acidity.

Growing Conditions

A mixture of clay, lime, eroded porphyry and fine gravel.


In order to accentuate the wine’s fruit aromas the juice is left to macerate with
the skins for a few hours before pressing. The juice is allowed to clarify through
sedimentation, after which it is filled into large oak casks where it ferments.
One the fermentation is complete and the solid parts have settled, the clear
young wine is racked, after which the Vigna San Michele is left to mature
together with its fine lees in large oak casks for 15 months during which time the
lees are stirred up once a week. The wine is subsequently bottle aged for 6
months before release.


An extremely elegant wine with impressive structure and a full, complex bouquet.

Food Pairing

Fish dishes, shellfish and crustaceans, white meats and poultry.