Mediterranean vibe, amazing gastronomy, and spicy Schiava.

This mediterranean enclave nestled in the Dolomites is the perfect place for food and wine lovers. This subregion is a must visit not only for its spicy Schiava, but also for its thermal baths and wonderful architecture.

What to expect from Meranese DOC

Sun-drenched vineyards with palm trees and cypresses nearby - it feels like you might be next to the Mediterranean! It’s possible even to find the odd prickly pear growing due to the warm days found here.

This warmth means it's the perfect area for growing Schiava. Cool nights allow for the retention of distinct white pepper notes in the wines too. The mixture of warm days and fresh nights means the wines are more tannic and have fresh acidities, perfect for food pairing.

Some of the best Schiava wines come from individual villages, similar to the structure you find in Burgundy. Some villages you might see on the label are Küchelberg, Gneid, Rosengarten, and Labers. There’s one more name on a label that can point to higher quality wines from here, and that’s Burggräfler, or in Italian, del Burgraviato.

Did you know?

The town of Merano has a wine festival each November to showcase the subregion’s wines.

You’ll also find some amazing gastronomy in Merano with a total of 5 Michelin stars in this small town of only 40,000 people!

The Vernatsch Cup, a competition each year for the best Schiava wine in Alto Adige, is often won by a wine from Merano - Cantina Merano’s Graf Schickenburg Meranese Schiava.

Selected Meranese Wineries