Cabernet Sauvignon

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Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. CABERNET RISERVA "GRAF" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. CABERNET RISERVA "GRAF"

For many years, this highly coloured, tannin-rich and powerful red wine variety from Bordeaux in France has been feeling increasingly at home in the warmest vineyards in South Tyrol. However, only consistent yield reduction enables it to develop into a profound, substantial red wine with the zesty aromas typical of its variety. A wine that, as a “Riserva”, is developing into a genuine charmer.

Tröpfltalhof Barleith Anphora Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
TröpfltalhofBarleith Anphora Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon grapes fermented spontaneously on the skins in amphorae of clay over a 21-month maturation process.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Cabernet Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlCabernet

Cabernet is among South Tyrol’s true aristocratic varietal wines and has been cultivated here for over a century. Full dark ruby in colour with a concentrated aroma of blackcurrant and blackberry, rich on the palate with assertive, supple tannins, long with fresh fruit on the finish.

Kellerei Bozen Cabernet Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenCabernet

Cabernet, one of the noble grape varieties, has been cultivated in Alto Adige for more than a hundred years. The grapes for this fruity and zesty wine are harvested from selected vineyards.

Hans Rottensteiner Cabernet Riserva Bottle Preview
Hans RottensteinerCabernet Riserva

This international variety was introduced in South Tyrol by Archduke Johann of Austria. It needs very warm terroir to mature completely.

J. Hofstätter Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
J. HofstätterCabernet Sauvignon

Kellerei Cantina Heiner. Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Kellerei Cantina Heiner.Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its typical smell of black currant and the soft, noble tannins. Through the long contact with the mash, an attempt was made to achieve maximum extraction of the grapes and thus elegant tannins. The wine has a nice fruity note with elegant tannins and a long finish.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl Cabernet Sauvignon Lafóa Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlCabernet Sauvignon Lafóa

Very deep, almost black in colour with violet reflexes. Sweet berries and plum fruit intermingled with savoury aromas, herbs, earth, liquorice and leather; supple with ripe and velvety tannins and a rich, fruity mouthfeel on the palate, lingering for an impressive, long finish.

Castel Sallegg Cabernet Sauvignon RISERVA Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggCabernet Sauvignon RISERVA

Dark and rich ruby in colour, elegant, delicate and well-balanced.

Cantina Kurtatsch Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva FREIENFELD Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschCabernet Sauvignon Riserva FREIENFELD

The name "FREIENFELD" stems from the Renaissance manor of the same name in which the winery was founded in 1900. At this early time, the sunny slopes of Kurtatsch and their porous, calciferous dolomite soils showed their potential for Cabernet.Only in years of optimal weather conditions do we make FREIENFELD. In the nose, dark berries and Mediterranean herbs dominate (bay laurel, marjoram, lavender). Its plump fruitiness is carried by fine-grained tannins. Notes of peppermint and stone pine bear witness to its Alpine origin. The accompanying smooth tannins and invigorating acidity suggest its very long potential for ageing.

Kornell Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Staffes Bottle Preview
KornellCabernet Sauvignon Riserva Staffes

Nose: intense fruity aromas of blueberry, blackberry and cassis with spicy notes such as pepper, juniper and laurel, and slightly roasted aromas Palate: complex structure with pleasant fullness and firm tannins, long and persistent finish

Girlan Doss Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Bottle Preview
GirlanDoss Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva

A full-bodied wine with full colour. Spicy bouquet, good persistence and elegance with round, fine tannic frame

Kellerei Bozen Graf Huyn Cabernet Riserva Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenGraf Huyn Cabernet Riserva

The grapes for this “Collection” line wine are grown on the best sites for the variety. The selected grapes produce a mature, full-bodied, elegant and long-lived wine.

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta GRATUS Südt. Cabernet Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaGRATUS Südt. Cabernet Sauvignon DOC

» GRATUS - The caressing « Citizen of the world, welcome guest on the sunny slopes of South Tyrol. It stands out for its grace and refinement.

Colterenzio Schreckbichl KASTÈLT Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Bottle Preview
Colterenzio SchreckbichlKASTÈLT Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva

Of an impressive deep dark colour; sweet currant, plum fruit and cassis burst to the nose; herbs, earth and liquorice aromas are nicely intermingled in this elegant, full-textured wine; subtle but savoury on the palate, supple and with ripe, sweet tannins.

Cantina Kaltern kunst.stück Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina Kalternkunst.stück Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva DOC

One single image, immobile within the flow of time. A sigh of yearning melds into the immense breath of nature that infuses all, and the succession of the seasons caresses the vine-clad hills. Pearl-like, the berries enfold a treasure that man’s hand will unveil, only to be once more hidden, flowing into a bottle, there to rest, silent, waiting, until the moment when the curtain rises and it emerges, the star, the soloist, alone on centre stage. Experience will then become memory, imprinted on heart and mind: kunst.stück, artwork.

Kellerei Bozen Mumelter Cabernet Riserva Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenMumelter Cabernet Riserva

The Cabernet Mumelter is a typical Cabernet Riserva. This cuvée of Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc blends the characteristics of the two grape varieties to create a full-bodied, elegant and harmonious wine with concentrated fruit.

Cantina Kaltern QUINTESSENZ Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternQUINTESSENZ Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva DOC

The colour shimmers with passionate life, its impenetrable depths promising intrigue and mystery. Wine is like a good book, inspiring our existence with its enthralling narrative.

Kellerei Cantina Heiner. Regina Bottle Preview
Kellerei Cantina Heiner.Regina

Cabernet Sauvignon is known for its typical smell of black currant and the soft, noble tannins. Through the long contact with the mash, an attempt was made to achieve maximum extraction of the grapes and thus elegant tannins. The long aging in wooden barrels has given the wine a certain complexity and rounded off the tannins.

Laimburg Winery Sass Ròa Bottle Preview
Laimburg WinerySass Ròa

Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Purple red in color with garnet highlights. A contrast of aromas between intense fruits such as black currant and blueberry and a whiff of bay leaf and melissa. A powerful structure in all its fullness but soft on the palate, thanks to its round and elegant tannins. Pleasantly persistent. Sass Ròa: The Ladin name derives from legends of the Dolomites and means »Glowing red stone in the pale rock«

Kellerei St. Pauls Selections - Turmfeld Cabernet Riserva Bottle Preview
Kellerei St. PaulsSelections - Turmfeld Cabernet Riserva

THE SUBLIME ONE This wine takes centre stage under a very special spotlight, namely an exceptionally luminous hill in the village of Missian, watched over by the Church of St. Apollonia! Turmfeld looks proudly out over Unterrain and Bozen while the warm rays shine on its leaves and energy flows constantly through its veins. This Cabernet is a true sun-worshipper – delightful, sublime and exciting, and one that likes to draw attention to itself.

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta Südt. Cabernet DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaSüdt. Cabernet DOC

Our South Tyrolean Cabernet captivates with its intense dark red colour and a bouquet reminiscent of black currants and green pepper. On the tongue it is robust and dry with mild, fine tannins and a persistent aftertaste with flavours that linger in the mouth.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof TURMHOF Cabernet Sauvignon Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofTURMHOF Cabernet Sauvignon

This Cabernet Sauvignon belongs to our selection TURMHOF where we pay particular attention to the sensory complexity of the respective grape varieties and compose the wine by carefully selecting the vineyards used.

Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei Turmhof VIGNA TOREN Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Bottle Preview
Tiefenbrunner - Schlosskellerei TurmhofVIGNA TOREN Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva

This single vineyard of TOREN Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva situated in Entiklar/Niclara and is part of the Selection VIGNA which follows the tradition of the Grand Cru, the cultivation of first-class wines that are strictly derived from one location. The strength of our wines stems from our knowledge of the optimum interplay of correct soil tending, varieties and climate conditions. Low yields, careful production techniques and appropriate storage all permit wines to mature with a clearly recognizable nature and personality. The TOREN is only released in years with perfect weather conditions and fully mature grapes.

Thurnhof Weinegg Bottle Preview

Elegant vielschichtig Unser kräftigster Rotwein wird aus der Sorte Cabernet Sauvignon mit einem kleinen Anteil Merlot gekeltert. Nach sehr später Lese und langer Gärung reift der Wein in kleinen und größeren Eichenfässern für 12 bis 18 Monate. Nach der Abfüllung und längerer Flaschenlagerung zeigt sich Weinegg Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva als konzentierter, tanninreicher Rotwein mit intensiven Aromen nach Cassis, Holunderbeeren, Brombeeren und einer sehr langen Lagerfähigkeit, welche dem Wein um immer neue Facetten bereichert. Ausbau nach der Gärung im Stahltank. Anschließend Ausbau in kleinen und großen Eichenfässern über 12 bis 18 Monate. Alkoholgehalt 13,5 – 14,5% Gesamtsäuregehalt 5 – 5,5 g/l Abgefüllte Flaschen ca. 2000 Lagerungspotential 10 – 15 Jahre