Subtle bouquet of blackberries, raspberries and cherries.


Youthful strength and pedigree, is soft and full-bodied while being balanced and elegant on the palate.

Growing Conditions

- elevation of vineyards: 450 to 980 m.a.s.l.
- vineyards in Pinzon/Pinzano and Mazzon - loamy moraine sediments
- vineyards in Graun/Corona - chalk gravel moraine soil
- vineyards in Völser Aicha/Aica di Fié - moderately silty sand


The grapes are harvested by hand.


Fermentation on the skins in concrete vats is followed by malolactic fermentation and aging for ten months at 80% in barrique and at 20% in large oak. After blending, the assemblage spends another two more months in concrete vats. Finally, the wine is allowed to mature additional five months in the bottle.


- for 10 months:
80% in barrique barrels |
20% in large oak barrels
- 2 months in concrete vats
- 5 months maturation in bottle


Ruby-red in color with a garnet-red glow.

Food Pairing

Rabbit, lamb, game and game birds, hard cheese