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A brief history

The "Tiefenbrunner – Schlosskellerei Turmhof" wine estate in Entiklar is in family possession since 1675 and at the moment, three generations of Tiefenbrunner’s are actively working in the winery. This underlines the high importance we attach to the art of winemaking and how it is a precious component of our family identity. We regard it as our responsibility to preserve what has been created by our ancestors and bring it forward with respect. A responsibility that is renewed day by day.

Our family owns some 25 hectares of vineyards in Entiklar/Niclara, Kurtatsch/Cortaccia and Margreid /Margrè and receive grapes grown on about 50 hectares of land by forty small scale wine growers, who have been loyal suppliers for many years now. We grow wine from 200 up to 1.000 m.a.s.l. and additionally benefit from diversified soils such as loam, porphyry, slate, granite as well as chalk gravel and various moraine soils which enables us to find for each of our thirteen grape varieties the ideal position. This variety calls for careful management of the natural resources and detailed knowledge of the character of the terroir. It is our and our enologist - Stephan Rohregger’s philosophy to retain the individual character of the varieties and locations during the winemaking process in the cellar. This is reflected in our wine portfolio which is structured in four different quality lines, starting with the entry label MERUS, continuing with the medium selection TURMHOF, and the Grand Cru LINTICLARUS and the single vineyards of the top selection VIGNA.

The CASTEL TURMHOF – estate, seat of our winery, is a place full of history and always worth a visit.
Enjoy a glass of wine in our Bistro Castel Turmhof accompanied by cold cuts of local, seasonal delicacies. Book a tour to visit our enchanting castle park and pond with handcrafted figures and animals from Greek mythology and biblical history build by our ancestor Johann Tiefenbrunner. Or have a look at our wineshop to taste the current vintages and get competent consultation if desired.

Did you know? Since 1910 our winery and estate are an island operation and produce energy with their very own hydropower plant. To this day we are not connected to the public power grid.

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Established in 1848

Via Castello 4
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




Meet The Team

  • Christof Tiefenbrunner

    Being the only son and with five sisters his role to continue and further develop the family winery was predestined. Growing up in these surroundings full of history and tradition while watching and helping his father Herbert in the cellar fuelled his passion for wine. After concluding the high school for agriculture and commerce, he started an internship in Tuscany at the winery Castello di Volpaia which was truly inspirational. This formative time and experiencing of new winemaking styles encouraged him to differ from what was the general winemaking approach in Südtirol/Alto Adige and to introduce a new stylistic to the winery portfolio including a Chardonnay Riserva fully matured in barrique barrels as well as a Cuvée blend of Bordeaux varieties. Joining the family winery full-time in 1983, his responsibilities shifted to marketing and sales until gradually becoming the managing director. Nevertheless, he continued to consult his father Herbert in the winemaking process and defined the respective wine stylistic in a joint effort as he continues to do with the current oenologist Stephan Rohregger.

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  • Stephan Rohregger

    Coming from a small winegrowing family himself, Stephan knew from an early age on that winemaking was the field he wanted to work in. To pursue his dream, he studied oenology at the “Geißenheim University” in Germany where he graduated in 2005. With 27 years old he assumed the position as winemaker at the Tiefenbrunner winery. Ever since he practices in accordance with the winerry’s philosophy with great sensitivity to unfold the specific characteristics of the individual varieties and the terroir they grow on to the highest possible degree.

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  • Herbert Tiefenbrunner

    Born in a period upheaval, Herbert grew up as second oldest of four brothers. After pursuing his 3-year wine degree at “San Michele – Instituto Agrario”, the circumstances obliged him to assume the responsibility to become the sole winemaker of the estate with only 15 years old. He rose to the challenge and proceeded with dedication and hard work for more than 60 years. One of the major milestones of his career is visionary idea to plant a single vineyard of Müller-Thurgau on 1.000 m.a.s.l. at the Fennberg mountain in 1972. While high altitude vineyards are a big trend in Südtirol/Alto Adige nowadays, he was doubted and even laughed at for his pioneering spirit back then. The Success however proved his critics wrong. The first vintage of FELDMARSCHALL VON FENNER 1974 was excellent and continued to be one of the winery’s flagship wines to this day.

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