This St. Magdalener impresses with its pleasant scent of raspberry, which comes from fully ripe grapes.


In taste, it is characterized by great harmony. The good fullness is supported by a fine tannin that lasts the wine for a long time.

Growing Conditions

This St. Magdalener is in St. Peter, in the classic St. Magdalene area grown. The winery is located on a steep hillside and is oriented to the southwest. The high mineral content of the soil gives the wine a special touch and its longevity. The vines are 80 years old and the yield is approx. 7,500 kg/ha.


The wine is aged partly in stainless steel containers and partly in wooden barrels.


Ruby red

Food Pairing

This wine is a diverse food companion. Due to its soft tannins, it can be combined from bread and bacon to simple appetizers, pasta and fish dishes to meat dishes.