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A brief history

With a sustainable philosophy, we pursue the goal of planting only those grape varieties and producing those wines that achieve the absolute best and most typical quality under the naturally given conditions. It is therefore important to find and continue to cultivate the right grape varieties and farming methods for the respective small vineyards. The production of expressive wines that retain their independent varietal, vineyard and vintage character is a high goal.

We only process grapes from our own vineyards. The vinification of the grapes into wine up to bottling and bottle storage takes place in the cellars at the company headquarters in St. Peter.

From planting the vine to labeling the wine bottles, everything runs exclusively through our hands. If the quality is good, then that is our merit, if something goes wrong, we are also responsible for it ourselves. This is also part of our philosophy!
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Bernhard Pichler St. Peterweg 7
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


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