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A brief history

Nothing can be achieved without nature, without the perfect terroir for healthy growth with exciting grapes.
That is the basis of all else. Passion and a huge sense of responsibility characterize the work of Florian Brigl and his young team from the Kornell winery. The result is wines with a Mediterranean flair,unique charm and an indigenous character.
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Established in 2001

Via Cosma e Damiano 6
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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Kornell Cosmas Bottle Preview

Aroma: Complex and aromatic with notes of gooseberries, ripe fruits and a light nettle aroma backdrop. Flavour: Dry structure, mineral notes and a pleasing acidity, juicy with stimulating bitter nuances in the finish.

Kornell Merlot Riserva Staffes Bottle Preview
KornellMerlot Riserva Staffes

Nose: fruity aromas of plum and wild berries with notes of chocolate, mocha, dried mint, graphite and a hint of smoke Palate: full-flavored, velvety, soft tannins, harmoniously juicy with a stimulating finish

Kornell Lagrein Riserva Staffes Bottle Preview
KornellLagrein Riserva Staffes

Nose: intense and complex fruity aromas of heart cherry and blueberry with floral notes of Alpine prunella and violet and spicy notes of dark chocolate and liquorice Palate: creamy structure, full-flavored, velvety tannins, with a fresh acidity, complex and persistent with a lively aftertaste

Kornell Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva Staffes Bottle Preview
KornellCabernet Sauvignon Riserva Staffes

Nose: intense fruity aromas of blueberry, blackberry and cassis with spicy notes such as pepper, juniper and laurel, and slightly roasted aromas Palate: complex structure with pleasant fullness and firm tannins, long and persistent finish

Kornell Oberberg Bottle Preview

Nose: multi-layered with notes of gooseberry, grapefruit, tomato leaves and a hint of mint and sage Palate: full-bodied, complex, salty notes with pronounced fullness and elegance, very powerful and minerally in the finish

Kornell Aichberg Bottle Preview

Aroma: intensiv notes of mature fruits like banana and ananas, cooket apple and a little smell of basil. Flavour: complex, elegant, fine with a harmonic wood taste, balanced.