Colli di Bolzano

Fresh and easy-drinking Schiava from the hills.

Sitting at the base of impressive mountain peaks, south of the Isarco River, is where you’ll find the shadier vineyards of Colli di Bolzano, complementing the sunny slopes of Santa Maddalena.

What to expect from Colli di Bolzano

It’s a bit cooler here compared to Santa Maddalena, and so the Schiava grapes aren’t as sun-baked in comparison. You get lighter, fresher styles of Schiava based wines. If you’re looking for something easy-drinking and accessible without cellaring, Colli di Bolzano is perfect.

Did you know?

There are wineries in this area trying out new and interesting fermentation techniques and even making Pétillant Naturel wines too, though those wines won’t have Colli di Bolzano on the label.

Check out Pitzner and Thurnhof for vineyards in this area if you're visiting this side of the Isarco river.

Selected Colli di Bolzano Wineries