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A brief history

Since 160 years the Berger family lives and works on Thurnhof estate.
From Franz Mumelter to Andreas Berger.
Six generations and one aspiration.

The creation of wines with character.

Churches, castles, mansions and a farm that was mentioned in documents 1000 years ago. The area between Virgl and Haselburg is steeped in history and shrouded in mystery. Centuries ago, wine was grown on the slopes of the Virgl - we continue this tradition with enthusiasm.

Our vineyards

In Haslach on the southern slope of the Virglberg, the vines stand on deep porphyry rubble. Underneath there is a thick layer of glacial moraine soils, which are also opened up by the roots of the vines. In this very warm and sunny location, mineral and delicate wines with a long lifespan thrive. Goldmuskateller, Passaurum, St. Magdalener, Lagrein Riserva, Weinegg Cabernet Sauvignon thrive here.

In Grutzen, south of Bolzano, the vines thrive on dry, deep, gravel-rich soils. Due to frequent flooding of the nearby Eisack River, the valley at this point was filled with a mixture of rocks from the near and far mountains (Dolomites, Sarntal Alps, Eisack Valley ...). Very fruity, soft and accessible wines grow here. Goldmuskateller and Lagrein come from this location.

Most of the Sauvignon grapes come from a higher elevation, the vines stand on ice age moraine deposits and prophylactic rubble, ideal conditions for a classy, ​​delicate, very mineral and long-lived Sauvignon with a very special type, unmistakable in its kind.
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Thurnhof Weinegg Bottle Preview

Elegant vielschichtig Unser kräftigster Rotwein wird aus der Sorte Cabernet Sauvignon mit einem kleinen Anteil Merlot gekeltert. Nach sehr später Lese und langer Gärung reift der Wein in kleinen und größeren Eichenfässern für 12 bis 18 Monate. Nach der Abfüllung und längerer Flaschenlagerung zeigt sich Weinegg Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva als konzentierter, tanninreicher Rotwein mit intensiven Aromen nach Cassis, Holunderbeeren, Brombeeren und einer sehr langen Lagerfähigkeit, welche dem Wein um immer neue Facetten bereichert. Ausbau nach der Gärung im Stahltank. Anschließend Ausbau in kleinen und großen Eichenfässern über 12 bis 18 Monate. Alkoholgehalt 13,5 – 14,5% Gesamtsäuregehalt 5 – 5,5 g/l Abgefüllte Flaschen ca. 2000 Lagerungspotential 10 – 15 Jahre