Red Blend

31 Wines from 23 Wineries

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. MERLOT-CABERNET "FESTIVAL" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. MERLOT-CABERNET "FESTIVAL"

This blend of the great Bordeaux classic varieties, Merlot and Cabernet, sees the full-bodied, soft and elegant flavour of the Merlot married to that of the well-grounded, spicy Cabernet. The result is a wine that truly beguiles the palate.

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. MERLOT-LAGREIN "GRAF" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. MERLOT-LAGREIN "GRAF"

A fruit-packed combination of two charming, substantial and smooth red wines for a long-lasting and harmonious romance. The ripe tannins and fruity notes of the Bordeaux classic meet the zestiness and floral nuances of the Lagrein in the barrel. Raise a glass to this sensually soft, full-bodied love affair.

Eberlehof Alto Adige DOC Lagrein - Merlot MABON Bottle Preview
EberlehofAlto Adige DOC Lagrein - Merlot MABON

The cuvée MABON is a great combination of Lagrein and Merlot, in which the fruitiness of the local grape variety Lagrein and the specific characteristic of the French variety Merlot are united. The maturing process in oak barrels ensures that the wine has an elegant, harmonious body.

Laimburg Winery Barbagòl Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryBarbagòl

Lagrein Riserva Bright garnet red. The nose is reminiscent of cherries and berries; the wooden notes are well integrated. Soft entry with complex and strong evolution. Long finish and delicate velvety tannins on the finish. Barbagòl: The Ladin name derives from legends of the Dolomites and means »Warlock who enchants the senses«

Weingut - Tenuta H Lentsch Brazol IGT Bottle Preview
Weingut - Tenuta H LentschBrazol IGT

This cuvée made from the Lagrein, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Syrah grape varieties shows a bright, intense garnet red colour with a somewhat brighter core. On the nose, it initially has fine spicy tones of light pepper accompanied by the fruity aromas of rich cherry and strawberry. It is juicy on the palate with a compact fruity aroma, medium weight, harmonious and well balanced. Very pleasant and fine to drink.

Weingut - Tenuta H Lentsch Cabernet - Merlot "PALESTINA" DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut - Tenuta H LentschCabernet - Merlot "PALESTINA" DOC

The wine has an intense garnet red colour, with a dense core and traces of slight lightening on the edges. A pronounced intensity of dark fruit aromas (ripe cherry, plum, blackberry), chocolate, accompanied by light tobacco, clove and slightly earthy notes. The wine is dry, the tannins are velvety, and the body is powerful. The palate is intense and complex (blackcurrant, blackberry, dark cherry, coffee), while the finish is long and persistent. Very pleasant to drink.

Cantina Kaltern CAMPANER Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternCAMPANER Cabernet Sauvignon Riserva DOC

Broad as a horizon. Colourful as a winter sunset. And the colour is joy.

Manincor Cassiano Bottle Preview

Kellerei St. Pauls Cuvée Paul Red Bottle Preview
Kellerei St. PaulsCuvée Paul Red

Lagrein, Merlot, Pinot Nero IGT Our most important grape varieties Lagrein Merlot and Pinot Noir form a blend that expresses pure joy of life. Fruity, spicy, smoothy, a red wine cuvée with intense, delicate berry aromas and light spice. The velvety, round mouthfeel guarantees simulating drinking pleasure.

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta Cuvée Red IGT Weinberg Dolomiten Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaCuvée Red IGT Weinberg Dolomiten

» PERLHOFER - The balanced « Combines the best qualities of three grape varieties into a harmonious uniqueness. This is the secret of being it’s success.

Thomas Niedermayr - Hof Gandberg Gandfels Bottle Preview
Thomas Niedermayr - Hof GandbergGandfels

Cuvée of Cabernet Cantor & Cabernet Cortis. Vivid fullness, confident & strong character while still being playful and juicy.

Castel Juval - Unterortl Gneis Bottle Preview
Castel Juval - UnterortlGneis

This wine is our interpretation of a juicy red wine produced in the mountains. Its name refers to the pleasure of enjoying life, also hinted at in a saying printed on the wine label. This saying is originally found in an inscription from the 16th-century located on of the the Juval castle gates placed there by the then overlord for the count of Tyrol Hanns Sinckhmoser zu Jufal.

Cantina Kaltern Gröbner St. Magdalener Classico DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternGröbner St. Magdalener Classico DOC

A wine like silk and velvet. Elegant without being formal. A wine for every day – but definitely not an everyday wine!

Bergmannhof Lagrein Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
BergmannhofLagrein Alto Adige DOC

Powerful red wine with aromas of dark red berries. Structured with pleasant flow. Aged in large wooden barrels.

Kellerei Cantina Heiner. L’Origine Vernatsch Schiava Bottle Preview
Kellerei Cantina Heiner.L’Origine Vernatsch Schiava

The Cuveé from Vernatsch and a small part of Lagrein has been practiced in South Tyrol for many decades. In the past, however, the blend with Lagrein was used more to enhance the high-yield and therefore weak Vernatsch taste. Today, however, the Vernatsch grape variety can also stand alone due to the yield regulation. For me, the Lagrein serves rather as a mutual complement and not as an upgrade. The combination of fruitiness and soft tannins make this wine. The grapes were removed directly from the stem frame with the stripping machine and filled into the steel tank without a grape crusher. Dispensing with the grape squeezer enables a portion of whole, intact berries and reduces the proportion of sediment particles. In addition, the intact berries undergo intracellular fermentation (Maceration Carbonique), which gives the fermenting must a particular fruity and freshness after pressing. In contrast, however, part of the stem structure (approx. 20%) was left in the mash, which ensures a light tannin structure and makes the wine more durable. The fermentation (partly intracellular fermentation) took place for 10 days in steel tanks with daily, very gentle pushing of the mash cake. The mash was then pressed (very gently with a maximum pressure of 1 bar). The young wine was drawn off immediately after pressing after 3 days of natural sedimentation and matured in steel barrels for 10 months in order to maintain the freshness and fruitiness as much as possible.

Bergmannhof Merlot Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
BergmannhofMerlot Alto Adige DOC

Structured red wine with notes of blackberries and blackcurrants. Intense and long-lasting. Aged in large wooden barrels.

Wassererhof Mumbolt Bottle Preview

Weingut Sebastian Praxmarer Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
Weingut Sebastian PraxmarerPinot Noir

Josef Brigl Santa Maddalena Bottle Preview
Josef BriglSanta Maddalena

From the earliest of times, among the best wine growing areas of South Tyrol have been the hills and slopes of the St. Magdalena zone above Bolzano

Ritterhof Weingut-Tenuta Südt. St. Magdalener DOC Bottle Preview
Ritterhof Weingut-TenutaSüdt. St. Magdalener DOC

Characterised by the special position of the vineyard, this wine is a light garnet red colour and has a fruity aroma with notes of red berries and ripe cherries. Its sophisticated, medium-body with soft, elegant tannins and delicate almond flavours give this red wine its distinct character.

MURI-GRIES Vigna Klosteranger Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESVigna Klosteranger

The Klosteranger is a historical single site protected by the old monastery wall at the heart of MURI-GRIES. It offers the perfect terroir for our Lagrein Riserva Vigna Klosteranger: an expressive single-vineyard wine as the product of the authentic interpretation of terroir and grape variety, concentrated and honest. The wine pairs well with braised game, lightly roasted beef and spicy cheese dishes.

Peter Zemmer Vigneti delle Dolomiti IGT Rosso Cortinie Bottle Preview
Peter ZemmerVigneti delle Dolomiti IGT Rosso Cortinie

This wine, full of character, comes from selected individual vineyards stocked with vines grafted to slow-growing rootstock and trained on wire trellises (Guyot) or on the pergola. The grapes of this cuvée grow under the best conditions on the valley floor around the village of Cortina s.s.d.v. The favourable location of the vineyards, the ideal amount of sun, and the fine ventilation of the vines assures the ripening of grapes of exceptional quality.

Hochklaus Vino Rosso Bottle Preview
HochklausVino Rosso

Weingut Spitalerhof Wine 0 Bottle Preview
Weingut SpitalerhofWine 0

Großkemat Wine 0 Bottle Preview
GroßkematWine 0

Wassererhof - duplicate Wine 0 Bottle Preview
Wassererhof - duplicateWine 0

Großkemat Wine 1 Bottle Preview
GroßkematWine 1

Schloss Plars Wine 3 Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWine 3

Schloss Plars Wine 4 Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWine 4

Schloss Plars Wine 5 Bottle Preview
Schloss PlarsWine 5