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A brief history

1890 the great-great-grandfather of Vintner Thomas Rottensteiner acquired the house with cellar and some vines. Since then our little wine estate has grown with various challenges and is now an established estate bottler. You may see wine in our veins: the four great-grandfathers all had vineyards in the picturesque St. Magdalena Classico wine district to the north-east of the city Bozen/Bolzano in South Tyrol (Südtirol / Alto Adige). Rooted in this winegrower ancestry our intrinsic passion seeks to achieve the most pleasing EnjoyVino for you and us. Our gifted vineyards and we: from the grapevine to the wineglass pure and mostly traditional handcraft focusing on the local red varieties Schiava/Vernatsch and Lagrein. Only by caring for every step of the wine we feel one with the bottle we hand over to those who also believe in this fascinating typical product.
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Established in 1890

Untermagdalena 35
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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Featured Wines

Weingut Obermoser Nobilis St. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserNobilis St. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC

The "Nobilis" is a careful hand selection from old vines with smaller riper grapes and a little more Lagrein. As a Classico young winemaker group (NextGen), we work intensively on the renown of the newer cru selection bottlings.

Weingut Obermoser Vigna Grafenleiten Lagrein Riserva Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserVigna Grafenleiten Lagrein Riserva Südtirol DOC

The Vigna "Grafenleiten" comes from the old vineyard of the same name and is aged as a Riserva for up to 18 months in small wooden barrels and barriques. Notes of plums, spices and coffee roasting are typical in it.

Weingut Obermoser Lagrein Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserLagrein Südtirol DOC

The combination of velvety tannins with fruitiness characterizes the vintage Lagrein from two of our vineyards. A pleasant archetype that flatters with a wonderful dark red colour and pleasant berry aromas. To spicy poultry, roasted meat up to smoked and mature cheese. "Cabernet's flattering brother" "Archaic but friendly" "Drink and density combined" "A fireplace wine of the highest quality" We vinify the harvested grapes in wooden barrels for up to 10 months. The focus is on maximum juiciness and drinkability.

Weingut Obermoser Sauvignon Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserSauvignon Südtirol DOC

The well-known complex aromas of paprika, cut nettles, hay and elderberry are joined by exotic tropical fruit notes. A cheeky individual flavorist combined from two sites, one of which is the highest of our vineyards for the right freshness. Great with asparagus, onion soup, vegetarian dishes, seafood, light fish and spicy Asian dishes as well as sushi. "perfumed wine for connoisseurs" "interesting expression of warm southern slopes" "A type with a fine fragrance" We cultivate this grape variety in the Guyot system instead of the traditional Pergola. The crisp alpine minerality of the small golden yellow grapes is kept by aging in steel barrels for about 6 months.

Weingut Obermoser St. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC Bottle Preview
Weingut ObermoserSt. Magdalener Classico Südtirol DOC

Our Phoenix: the classic traditional wine that surprises again and again. The harmonious balance is wonderful due to the composition of different Schiava varieties with a little Lagrein. Versatile from aperitif, to sauce fish, to medium-intensive roasts and of course to classic Tyrolean dishes and all pasta and sugo creations. "The easy-going brother of Pinot Noir" "Bottled South Tyrolean Happiness" "Slow start, then empty first" "Queen of the Schiava protected since 1923 in Italy" We vinify the grapes harvested from our three vineyards in the classic growing area in large wooden barrels.