This Merlot is an alluring deep, dark, ruby-red colour. Its bouquet is fruity and rich with subtle hints of blackberries and raspberries.


The wine unfolds on the palate with a soft tannin structure in a smooth but long, lingering aftertaste. A wine to delight all lovers of Merlot.

Growing Conditions

The grapes used to make this Merlot grow in Leitach and in Tramin at an altitude of 450 – 500 metres. The vines are trained on trellises (Guyot system) and thrive on heat-retaining, sandy porphyry soils.


Due to the different varietals and vineyards, the grapes are handpicked as they reach full maturity during October. The yield is 70 hectolitres of wine per hectare.


The grapes are lightly crushed, destemmed and fermented at a temperature of 28°C. By gently pounding the skins down and carefully pumping the must around, contact with the skins is maintained for as long as
possible to achieve good colour and flavour extraction.


The wine is aged in small French oak barrels.

Food Pairing

This Merlot MOLLIS is a beautiful accompaniment to red mead, grilled dishes and mature cheeses.