The Pinot Noir DIGNUS impresses with its ruby red hue. Its bouquet is complex and reminiscent of the spicy, delicate, fruity notes of ripe, red berries and cherries.


On the palate it presents a succulent, elegant structure, wellbalanced tannins, with an aristocratic richness and a lingering aftertaste.

Growing Conditions

The best conditions for the ripening of Pinot Noir grapes are on the steep slopes in the sunny, southwest-facing area of Glen, in the municipality of Montan. At an altitude of 600 metres, the gravelly clay soils allow the trellised vines to thrive.


When the Pinot Noir grapes have reached perfect ripeness, they are immediately handpicked by experienced winegrowers. With a plant density of 8,000 vines, 40 hectolitres of wine is produced per hectare.


Fermentation of the fresh, hand-selected Pinot Noir grapes takes place in open fermenting vats. To achieve the best possible colour and fruit avour in the wine, so that it remains in contact with the skins for a long time.


After the temperature-controlled fermentation process at 28°C, the wine is aged in small French oak barrels.

Food Pairing

This Pinot Noir DIGNUS goes perfectly with avourful starters, red meat, game birds and medium-aged cheeses.