Growing Conditions

The Mediterranean climate and gravelly soils create the ideal conditions for the Rosenmuskateller grapes to ripen to perfection. The vines are trained on Guyot trellis and pergola systems and flourish at an altitude of 220 – 300 metres.


The Rosenmuskateller grapes are harvested by hand in October. The yield is 70 hectolitres of wine per hectare.


After harvesting, the Rosenmuskateller grapes are delivered to the winery in 220 kg crates. There they are gently crushed and destemmed. The grapes are then fermented at a constant temperature of 22°C to give this wine its unique flavour and distinctive aroma of Rosenmuskateller.

Food Pairing

Our Rosenkavalier is ideal for all lovers of medium red wines. As a dessert wine is goes superbly well with doughnuts and poppy-seed pastries.