It is a pleasant, dry red wine, with notes of violets, chocolate and liquorice.


On the palate it is velvety and with mild acidity. It is rich in tannins, but in the Bolzano basin, these tannins evolve in a very mild and sweet way.

Growing Conditions

Our Lagrein derives a benefit from the deep sedimentary soils of the Talfer River in Bolzano, which are optimal for this variety and responsible for the pleasant character of Lagrein wines from Bolzano.


We had excellent harvest conditions for Lagrein in 2021. After a weekend with very strong rainfall at the end of August, the autumn appeared at it's best.


We bottle this wine more times a year in serveral lots. The first bottling was in March 2021.


After the fermentation in concrete tanks at 30°C, the wine matures in big wooden barrels.


Lagrein is variety with an enormous aging potential, this is why we release this wine already as a riserva wine (2 years in the cellar). But with it's strong acidity and tannin structure it can last for several years.


The Lagrein has a dark ruby colour, during its youth with violet, later with garnet red reflexes.

Food Pairing

Recommended pairings are game, red meat and ripened cheese.