Growing Conditions

The Goldmuskateller is a variety which usually gives very aromatic, but not very full-bodied wines. Because of this, we planted our Goldmuskateller in low-altitude vineyards at approx. 350 m. In this way, we can produce an almost dry Goldmuskateller without having to live with the slightly bitter notes many dry Goldmuskateller have.


After fermentation at 19°C, the Pinot Gris maturates in stainless steel tanks.


Our Goldmuskateller possesses a straw-yellow colour with golden reflexes, is very aromatic with superb nutmeg notes. The main aim in the vinification of this wine is to transfer the entire primary aroma from the grape to the wine. A strict control of fermentation temperature and a careful maturation in stainless steel tanks are compulsory to reaching this goal.

Food Pairing

The Goldmuskateller is great as an aperitif and it fits well with intense fish dishes and crustaceans. The Goldmuskateller lives off its primary notes.