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Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. KERNER "GRAF" Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. KERNER "GRAF"

This truly successful cross between Schiava and Riesling - named after the German poet, Justinus Kerner - is a frost-resistant vine variety from Germany, which enjoys the ideal growth conditions of the Merano region at elevations above 500 metres. Strict yield reduction measures and an appropriate choice of site creates a multifaceted, minerally and fruity white wine with a beautifully distinctive acidity structure. Wine meets poetry!

Kellerei Meran - Cantina Merano A.A. VAL VENOSTA KERNER Bottle Preview
Kellerei Meran - Cantina MeranoA.A. VAL VENOSTA KERNER

The Val Venosta is the newest and smallest closed wine-growing area in South Tyrol with protected place of origin status. Extremely harmonious and multifaceted grapes are grown at 600 metres above sea level in this alpine landscape. The Val Venosta Kerner is a delicate mountain wine that appeals thanks to its fruitiness and finesse. An ambassador from the mountains.

Cantina Valle Isarco Aristos Kerner Bottle Preview
Cantina Valle IsarcoAristos Kerner

Strict controls, from pruning to ripeness, and the selection of exceptionally good-quality grapes are the criteria allowing the production of this fantastic Kerner wine, with its intense fruitiness and robust and expressive body.

Laimburg Winery Auròna Bottle Preview
Laimburg WineryAuròna

Orange Wine from Kerner A brilliant golden yellow with a full-bodied fruity aroma accompanied by ripe tannins. Full-bodied with a salty acidity. Long lasting. Auròna: The Ladin name derives from the legends of the Dolomites and means »Hidden treasure, the land of gold and lights«

Cantina Kaltern CARNED Kerner DOC Bottle Preview
Cantina KalternCARNED Kerner DOC

Memories of the Mediterranean echo through structure that draws together two worlds of flavour.

Castelfeder CASTELFEDER SELECTION Kerner "Lahn" Bottle Preview
CastelfederCASTELFEDER SELECTION Kerner "Lahn"

Name: In local dialect „Lahn“ means avalanche. Some time ago near in the mountains near to the vineyards a mudslide went adrift and that is why the wine from these vineyards is called “Lahn”. Label: It shows a rock-hewn fountain next to the vineyard.

Cantina Valle Isarco Classic Kerner Bottle Preview
Cantina Valle IsarcoClassic Kerner

The Kerner variety is a cross between Schiava and Riesling , created in Weinsberg (Germany) in 1929. It's named in honour of the poet and physician Justinus Kerner. It prefers the light, gravelly and sandy soils of the higher altitude, sunny hillsides of the mid Valle Isarco. Despite their late ripening period, these grapes provide a highly acclaimed full-bodied and tasty wine.

Nals Margreid FELS Kerner Bottle Preview
Nals MargreidFELS Kerner

Abbazia di Novacella Kerner Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaKerner

Cantina Kurtatsch Kerner Bottle Preview
Cantina KurtatschKerner

The Kerner grape is a cross between Schiava (Vernatsch) and Riesling. The south-east facing vineyards at 800 m a.s.l. are ideal for the cool climate grape variety. Due to the high temperature difference between day and night, the grapes retain their firm acidity and develop intense fruit and flower aromas of yellow peach and lilac during the long ripening period. The Kerner Selection owes its pleasant minerality to the calcareous, gravelly-loamy dolomite soil. The firm acidity supports the minerality on the palate and ends in a long, juicy finish.

Manni Nössing KERNER Bottle Preview
Manni NössingKERNER

Glögglhof Kerner Karneid DOC Bottle Preview
GlögglhofKerner Karneid DOC

A true mountain white wine: linear, fresh and mineral.

Abbazia di Novacella Praepositus Kerner Bottle Preview
Abbazia di NovacellaPraepositus Kerner

Kellerei Bozen Puntscheit Kerner Bottle Preview
Kellerei BozenPuntscheit Kerner

Kerner is a hybrid of Schiava Grossa and Riesling which was first cultivated in Weinsberg, Germany around 1930. The variety does best on very light, gravelly and sandy soils at higher elevations of the middle reaches of the Isarco Valley, which is a very sunny location.

Radoarhof Radoy Bottle Preview

Cantina Valle Isarco Sabiona Kerner Bottle Preview
Cantina Valle IsarcoSabiona Kerner

The Kerner variety finds absolutely ideal growth conditions in the areas close to the top of the cultivation borders. The lean soil and the colder climate, featuring cold nights and abundant sunlight during the day, are the ingredients of this intensely flavoured and spicy wine.