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A brief history

For over a century the St. Michael-Eppan Winery, with 330 winemaking families and 385 ha of vineyards, has been supporting the most important wine-growing municipality: Appiano on the South Tyrolean Wine Road at the doorstep of the Dolomites.
The surrounding soils offer exceptional characteristics for the cultivation of unique wines. Harvest after harvest, passion has become culture.
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Established in 1907

Via Circonvallazione 17-19
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


St. Michael-Eppan Wines

Featured Wines

St. Michael-Eppan The Wine Collection Pinot Noir Riserva Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanThe Wine Collection Pinot Noir Riserva

In his continuous search for perfection, Hans Terzer this year presents the Pinot Noir Riserva “The Wine Collection 2016, in its second edition.

St. Michael-Eppan Gewürztraminer Passito Comtess Sanct Valentin Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanGewürztraminer Passito Comtess Sanct Valentin

Our Passito process of drying the grapes in the open air of the vineyard ensures a late harvest with the grapes remaining on the vine until the end of the year. Since 1989, the elegant Passito Comtess has been cherished for its intense fruit,its honey notes, and its soft and creamy body. The palate is awakened by a note of freshness given by a pronounced acidity.

St. Michael-Eppan Lagrein Riserva Sanct Valentin Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanLagrein Riserva Sanct Valentin

The indigenous Lagrein grape variety find the best conditions for the production of quality wines in the vineyards around Bolzano. The Sanct Valentin Lagrein, first produced in 2000, is aged for twelve months in small oak barrels, and for a further six months in bigger barrels for improved balance. With a robust character it develops immense power on the palate, with nicely integrated acidity. A vigorous wine with excellent ageing potential.

St. Michael-Eppan Chardonnay Merol Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanChardonnay Merol

The Chardonnay grape variety loves warm, sunny locations and makes one of the best-known white wines. The excellent Merol Vineyards produce a Chardonnay that is captivating due to its pleasant fullness, silky elegance and well-balanced proportion of acidity and softness.

St. Michael-Eppan Cabernet Merlot Riserva Sanct Valentin Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanCabernet Merlot Riserva Sanct Valentin

Cabernet and Merlot are appreciated all over the world as varieties of the highest quality. Only very sunny vineyards in the winery’s catchment area have been chosen for production of the Sanct Valentin Cabernet Merlot. With an extremely low yield and dedicated vinification process. The Sanct Valentin Cabernet Merlot, produced since 2013, is an excellent red, a complex wine with soft tannins. It’s the only cuvée of the Sanct Valentin line.

St. Michael-Eppan Pinot Bianco Schulthauser Bottle Preview
St. Michael-EppanPinot Bianco Schulthauser

Introduced to its second home - South Tyrol - as early as 1850 Pinot Blanc is one of the most important white wines of our cellar. Schulthauser was first bottled in 1982, and is now among the most famous South Tyrollean Pinot Blancs. A complete wine, fresh and fruity, it seduces the palate with a its creamy softness and marked acidity.