Lot no. 1, the "freshness component" was macerated for 10 hours with the whole grapes (including the stalk structure) in order to extract more aromatic substances from the grapes. The section was then gently pressed with a maximum pressure of 1 bar. Subsequent alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks for 7 days. After fermentation, natural sedimentation took place for 4 days, then the wine was drawn off the coarse yeast and left on the fine yeast until April.

Lot No. 2, the “kick component”, was fermented on the whole grape for 7 days, that is, with the skins, seeds and stems. Towards the end of fermentation, the mash was pressed and fermented on the must for the last few days. As a result of the long contact with the mash, a maximum of the ingredients were extracted from the grapes.

The blending of the two batches took place in June 2020 and one month later the bottles were filled.