Unlike usual, this Vernatsch was partially fermented with even 100% stem structure
Unlike usual, a very long mash contact time was also carried out after the end of fermentation
Unlike usual, this Vernatsch was then matured in a small wooden barrel (barrique of 225 l)
Unlike usual, the mash and must was moved almost exclusively by gravity (without a pump).
Unlike usual, the result is:
A strong, complex and storable Vernatsch, with ripe notes and a very elegant and refined tannin structure.
Long-lasting on the palate and, due to the many different individual vinifications, very complex in the finish.

The vinification of the “Illusione” took place in seven complex, separate batches.

Some of the grapes were only processed with the distilling machine and some only with a light squeezer and fermented in small 500 liter wooden barrels (tonneaux barrels) with open lids.
Each wooden barrel was vinified in a different white, from 20% stem frame share to even 100% stem frame share, actually very atypical for the Vernatsch grape variety.

During fermentation, the mash cake was pushed into the small wooden barrels by hand every day (pigage) and after fermentation (15 days) it was left on the mash for up to another 10 days in order to achieve a maximum of extractions.

The mash was then scooped out of the small wooden barrels with buckets and pressed (very gently with max. 1 bar pressure).