Arguably the best Pinot Blanc on the planet.

Terlano is all about age-worthy white wines and white wine blends based around Pinot Blanc. If you’ve never had a Pinot Blanc before then this might be the best place on earth to try it.

Terlano Region Map

What to expect from Terlano

Terlano, or Terlaner in German, is all about white wines. Terlano is one of the few subregions where you’ll commonly find blends - typically of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc. Many of these are cellar worthy, becoming more nutty and complex with age.

With some of the highest sunshine hours in Alto Adige, and glacial deposits mixed with porphyry soils, winemakers produce many cellar-worthy white wines here.

The best wines might be aged for many years in the bottle before release, so look for older vintages or "Riserva" on the label.

Alternatively, for high quality, you can also look for single vineyard expressions - a wine with “Vigna” on the label. For instance: Vigna Castel Ringberg

Did you know?

If your label says "Terlano," it's most likely a Pinot Blanc/Chardonnay blend, or the label will indicate the grape variety.

You'll find some of the world's best Pinot Blanc in Terlano. If you've never had a Pinot Blanc, you should try one from Cantina Terlano. They keep wines on the lees in small steel tanks for a minimum of 10 years before bottling, which adds texture and complexity.

Selected Terlano Wines

Cantina Terlano Nova Domus Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoNova Domus

Cantina Terlano Quarz Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoQuarz Sauvignon Blanc

Cantina Terlano Terlaner Cuvée Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoTerlaner Cuvée

Cantina Terlano Rarity Bottle Preview
Cantina TerlanoRarity

Messnerhof Sauvignon DOC Bottle Preview
MessnerhofSauvignon DOC

Manincor Eichhorn Bottle Preview