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A brief history

It all began in the Autumn of 2006 when I, Armin, together with my wife, Monika, started making wine with some of the grapes we had harvested on our estate. Today we process the grapes growing on a 3.5-hectare section of the estate, which translates into an annual production cycle of approximately 15,000 bottles. Having both worked albeit in diverse fields in the wine making industry for many years now, we had lately begun to feel uneasy about delegating some of the processes of our wine making operation to others. So recently we took sole control of every aspect of both the winemaking process and marketing activities.

Our vines, all growing within the tiny commune of Margreid, located in the southern most point of the South Tyrol at an altitude of between 200 and 220 meters, have marked characteristics due to the quality of the soil and its superb moisture levels. Whilst the village of Margreid is perched on a low conical hill made up of very warm, loose and chalky soil, the easterly and southerly facing areas made up of sandy-muddy soil of significant depth. We have planted each vine varietal in the soil best suited to enable it to flourish and have deliberately shunned anything remotely faddish.

The time-honoured phrase "quality stems from the vine" is not a just a slogan. We spend hour upon hour taking care of our vines and adopting sustainable agricultural methods to best preserve their health. Taking some pretty hefty risks in recent years has paid off as we've dramatically reduced the number of chemical treatments we've had to perform. We harvest our grapes later in the autumn than most and the entire process is performed by hand. Bunches that do not meet our stringent qualitative criteria are simply removed from the vines and disposed of.

We strive towards ensuring that our wines are a reflection of the varietal, zone and the year in which they are produced. Each step of the wine making process carried out in our cellar is closely monitored. We are discriminating in our use of the latest technology, ensuring we achieve the maximum potential our grapes can offer. Our measured and prudent approach results in high quality and distinctively styled wines.
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Established in 2006

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