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A brief history

Weinberghof's owner Christian Bellutti never thought of doing anything else but winemaking.

"It's all about the product. It's not about rating or awards. All that matters is the wine!"

He started working as enologist at Peter Sölva in Kaltern, but he always had the notion to do something on his own.

In 2005 Christian Bellutti fullfilled his life dream of founding his own Winery.
Through a lot of hard work he still manages to do both, being the head enologist of the winery in Kaltern and producing his own wines.

He has a very precise style, with clean, elegant and fresh wines that reflect the character of the individual varieties in the terroirs and the year

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Established in 2005

In der Au 4A
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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