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Merano is not only a spa town with a centuries-old tradition, but also one of the classic wine-growing areas of Alto Adige. Especially on the steep slopes around the city, grapes have been grown since a long time, finding optimal conditions here. The Riedingerhof is situated in the district Maia Alta/Obermais where the alluvial cone of the Naif stream provides skeleton-rich, fertile soils, and the climate here is almost Mediterranean. The young winemaker Hansi Verdorfer continues today the tradition of growing its own grapes and vinifies its own high -quality wine. In response to his passion for viticulture and wine, Hansi Verdorfer says: "For me, the care of our vineyards, the grape harvest in the fall, the work in the cellar and the weekly wine tasting with our guests are very special moments. After all, in all of this he can not only live out his very great passion, but also share it.
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