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Merano is not only a spa town with a centuries-old tradition, but also one of the classic wine-growing areas of Alto Adige. Especially on the steep slopes around the city, grapes have been grown since a long time, finding optimal conditions here. The Riedingerhof is situated in the district Maia Alta/Obermais where the alluvial cone of the Naif stream provides skeleton-rich, fertile soils, and the climate here is almost Mediterranean. The young winemaker Hansi Verdorfer continues today the tradition of growing its own grapes and vinifies its own high -quality wine. In response to his passion for viticulture and wine, Hansi Verdorfer says: "For me, the care of our vineyards, the grape harvest in the fall, the work in the cellar and the weekly wine tasting with our guests are very special moments. After all, in all of this he can not only live out his very great passion, but also share it.
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Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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Riedingerhof Lagrein LIRO 2018 Bottle Preview
RiedingerhofLagrein LIRO 2018

Expressiv Lagrein with the aroma of ripe blackberry and subtle tobacco and roasting flavors on the nose. The wine with its recurrent aromas and full bodied tannins convinces with a delicate and harmonious finish. Vinifications: - Spontaneous fermentation for six weeks in steel barrels with wild yeasts from the own vineyard, together with grape peels, seeds and stems - 22 months in barrique barrels, then 12 months bottle aging - unfined and unfiltered Location: Winkelweg Maia Alta Merano (400 MASL)

Riedingerhof Sauvignon Blanc 2019 Bottle Preview
RiedingerhofSauvignon Blanc 2019

Soft acidity and fruity aromas build the foundation of this fresh summer wine with elder and peach flavors on the nose. Beside fruity softness even mineral aspects play a characteristic role on the palate. Vinifications: - Two days maceration and gentle pressing - Spontaneous mash fermentation with wild yeasts from the own vineyard in steel barrels (70%) and tonneaux barrels (30 %). Location: Via Winkel Merano (400 MASL), at Riedingerhof Maia Alta Merano (450 MASL)

Riedingerhof Chardonnay 2019 Bottle Preview
RiedingerhofChardonnay 2019

Fine aromas of peach, apricot and honey characterize this (our) unconventional Chardonnay. Its spicy flavour is accompanied by low acidity but juicy tannins and culminates in a lovely and harmonic finish. Vinification: - spontaneous mash fermentation with wild yeasts from the own vineyard in clay barrels (amphora) for six months. - 13 months clay barrel (amphora) aging. - unfined and unfiltered. Location: Via Winkel Maia Alta Merano (400 MASL)

Riedingerhof Pinot nero 2019 Bottle Preview
RiedingerhofPinot nero 2019

Our Blauburgunder pleasantly gratifies the palate with tastes of wild raspberries, blackcurrants and a touch of herbal notes. The fruity and juicy wine surprises with a refreshing acidity and shows its tendency to a delicate structure and pleasant, soft tannins. The elegant Blauburgunder finishes with succulent fruitiness and persistent spiciness. Vinifications: - Spontaneous mash fermentation with wild yeasts from the own vineyard in steel barrels - 21 months barrique barrel aging - unfined and unfiltered Location: Scena (700 MASL)

Riedingerhof Pinot bianco 2019 Bottle Preview
RiedingerhofPinot bianco 2019

A Golden yellow Pinot Bianco with fine aromas of peach and dandelion flowers. Complexity in taste enriches the elegant and appealing body and the soft tannins provide a smooth finish. The soft tannins providing a smooth finish are not irritated but enriched by the complexity in taste and together they form an elegant and appealing body. Vinifications: - a ten day spontaneous fermentation with the mash - 21 months acacia wood barrel aging - unfined and unfiltered. Location: Tesimo (700 MASL)