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A brief history

The passion for wine prompted Thomas Pichler; Born in 1969; To realize his lifelong dream and to vinify and market high quality wines from the farm's own vineyards.
Coming from a family of winemakers from Kalter, grew up in the vineyards and has been in close contact with wine since 1988, the young winemaker decided in 2003 to found his own winery and produce independent South Tyrolean wines with personality. On a vineyard area of ​​one hectare, which are distributed in the best locations of the South Tyrolean wine village Kaltern, Thomas Pichler currently presses seven wines, of which around 15,000 bottles of South Tyrolean quality wine (DOC) are bottled annually.

The individual properties were inherited from my father Anton Pichler, who has always been a wine and fruit grower in Kaltern. I owe it to him and the whole family to own my own small winery and to be busy in the interesting and varied world of wine.
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Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige




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