Rich, fine notes of berries and sour cherries, seductive.


Round and balanced, mellow, elegant with a clear, fruity character, inviting.

Harmoniously round and soft, compact, elegant with rich berry fruit.

Growing Conditions

This Pinot Noir Riserva flourishes at the remarkable altitude of 1.030 meters above sea level (3.380 ft.) in the immediate vicinity of the farm Koflhof in Aldino, in the lowlands of Alto Adige. The perfect southern position of the vineyard on porphyry and dolomite limestone, the ideal solar radiation as well as the daily wind “Ora” from the south guarantee the optimal ripening conditions of the berries. These factors ensure the creation of wines year after year, combining elegance and harmony.


The stems are immediately removed and the grapes are fermented at a constant temperature of 26 – 28 °C (79 – 82 °F) for about 7 days. The must is kept in contact with the skins through circulation pumping and gentle pressure from below. We thus achieve ideal results with the coloring from the skins and emphasize the fruitiness of the wine. After two gentle rackings, this Pinot Noir Riserva is aged over 12 months in casks of French oak (barriques) and another 6 months in stainless steel tanks. After blending, the wine is bottled and then aged an additional 6 months in the bottle before it goes on sale.


Intense and brilliant ruby red.

Food Pairing

Red meats, lamb, fowl and game, fresh cheese.