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A brief history

MURI-GRIES is more than a winery. Within its historical walls, the daily round is guided by monastery life in combination with work in a busy cellar and the work on its own 35-hectare wine estate with vineyards in the best locations in and around Bolzano. History brought all this together more than a century ago. The routines in the vineyard and the cellar have always gone hand in hand. The work involved is highly specialized. At MURI-GRIES, the driving force is the desire to keep learning and continually enhance the quality of every single wine.

Established in 1845

Piazza Gries, 21
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige



Featured Wines

MURI-GRIES Grauvernatsch Bottle Preview

The typical South Tyrolean. A wine with tradition, fruity and quaffable.

MURI-GRIES Kalterer See Auslese Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESKalterer See Auslese

The inviting red. Pleasantly light with real character.

MURI-GRIES Lagrein "Kretzer" Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESLagrein "Kretzer"

The historical Lagrein Rosato. A rosé as a living tradition.

MURI-GRIES Weißburgunder "Abtei Muri" Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESWeißburgunder "Abtei Muri"

The noble Pinot Bianco. A single-variety wine with fine fruity finesse.

MURI-GRIES Chardonnay Bottle Preview

The international one. A refreshingly light wine for relaxed drinking pleasure.

MURI-GRIES Pinot Grigio Bottle Preview
MURI-GRIESPinot Grigio

The globe-trotter. A full-bodied Pinot and a real all-rounder.