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A brief history

The nonconformist whose passion brings out the best in nature.

Mauslocherhof is a self-contained farm that operates according to the principle of sustainability and in harmony with nature. We embrace both tradition and modernity because we view them as complementing each other to create great results. In our vineyards we cultivate traditional Alto Adige grape varietals. Red varietals: Lagrein, Merlot, Pinot Noir. White varietals: Gewürztraminer, Goldmuskateller, Pinot Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc. We rely on the modern vinification methods in order to process the grapes gently and with care. This way we sustain and enhance the quality gained in the vineyard, thanks to hard work.
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Established in 2020

Via Marlinger 4
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


Meet The Winemakers

  • Katrin Neulichedl

    Katrin is Gerda's daughter and is currently studying to become a future winemaker. For as long as the winery has existed, she has occasionally helped out, especially with work in the vineyard - a good balance to schoolwork. After completing her Bachelor's degree in Bio- and Food Technology in Innsbruck, she is currently studying for a Joint-Degree Master's degree in Viticulture, Enology and Wine Economics in cooperation with Vienna. In addition to her studies, she is also in the process of completing the Wine Academic Certificate (WSET). In the summer and if her studies allow it, she works with her mother at the winery and cellar.

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  • Gerda Kiem

    Gerda grew up in Merano, studied and earned her doctorate in business administration in Innsbruck and worked for many years in the field of controlling and marketing. In 2007 came the turning point - in a nutshell, in this order: after successfully completing her sommelier training, many courses in working in the vineyard and cellar management followed, as well as many hours behind books to better understand this complex field. The Mauslocherhof at that time consisted mainly of apple orchards, which Gerda replaced bit by bit with vines. She has made the winery what it is today: a young, dynamic business that tries to work with nature and the vines.

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Mauslocher Wines

Featured Wines

Mauslocher Sauvignon Blanc Bottle Preview
MauslocherSauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a fine, lightly aromatic white wine of greenish-yellow colour with an intense nose of apples, stone fruit, pineapple and passion fruit. Its pleasant acidity, combined with a medium body and its long finish, make it an ideal companion to food.

Mauslocher Gewürztraminer Bottle Preview

One of South Tyrol’s oldest and most typical grape varietals, Gewürztraminer is highly aromatic. Of high quality, Gewürztraminer has distinct aromas of spices (especially cloves), roses and litchi. Its colour is straw yellow with hues of gold. Gewürztraminer has got a light acidity, but still manages to show great longevity. Ours is an excellent companion to food, especially Asian and spicy food as well as our typical South Tyrolean Speck.

Mauslocher Cato Bottle Preview

Moscato Giallo is one of Italy’s indigenous grape varieties. It’s fruity with a lively acidity. From our Moscato Giallo grapes we produce our own sparkling wine “Cato”. With very little residual sugar, “Cato” is classified as brut and produced according to the traditional method - a rarity worth trying!

Mauslocher Lagrein St. Anna Bottle Preview
MauslocherLagrein St. Anna

An indigenous grape varietal from South Tyrol, Lagrein makes for wines with character and body. Of dark ruby red colour, its aromas remind us of cherries, vanilla and wood. It is supple and rich on the palate. This elegant wine is an excellent fit with grilled and braised dishes. We also like to drink it on its own.

Mauslocher Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
MauslocherPinot Noir

Pinot Noir from South Tyrol is different from Pinot Noir in other regions and shows a personality of its own. It is a demanding grape varietal that is doing well in our moderately elevated vineyards, producing a well-structured wine that is ruby to garnet red in colour. It aromas are intense and remind us of dark and red berries, cloves and violets. On the palate our Pinot Noir is elegant and silky, with pleasant tannin and a long finish. It is an excellent companion to roast and steamed meat dishes.

Mauslocher Pinot Blanc Bottle Preview
MauslocherPinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc, with its elegant aromas of apples and lemon and its lively acidity is the perfect wine for almost every occasion. In the glass it has got a greenish to light yellow colour. Pinot Blanc turns out especially fresh and fruity if, right before the harvest, there are large differences in temperature between night and day. In warmer vintages Pinot Blanc is richer and more intense, with aromas of ripe fruit.