Pronounced aromas of rose petals, marzipan and spices.


On the palate, a full-bodied wine with mild acidity and great body ending in an extra long aromatic finish.

Growing Conditions

Gewurztraminer probably originated from Asia. There is definitely a connection with the village of Tramin the neigh- boring village to Caldaro.

The most well-known Gewürztraminer wines come from Alsace and Alto Adige, where, especially in recent years, it has reached an area cultivation of 500 hectares.

Our Gewürztraminer grapes ripen a few meters to the east of our winery at 500mt above sea level.One third of the vines were planted using the Guyot training system in 2004, and the remaining two thirds were planted in 2009. The soil is limey and clayey, which are good requirements for aromatic wines.


From each shoot we grow 2 small to medium grape clusters. To achieve optimal wine quality, we restrict the grape /vine load to 1 kg.

Harvest from the middle to the end of September


Aged in steel barrels.


White wine in intense golden yellow.

Food Pairing

High quality excellent aperitif wine. Recommended with shellfish, crab, lobster and Asian dishes.

Serving: 12° - 13° C