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Franz Haas Pinot Nero Pònkler Alto Adige DOC Bottle Preview
Franz HaasPinot Nero Pònkler Alto Adige DOC

The Pinot Nero Pònkler was born in particular from a promise made to Francesco Arrigoni with whom, apart from the mutual appreciation and affection, we shared the passion for this grape variety and for our work. He was enchanted by the beauty of the place which is located in the municipality of Aldino at 750 meters. A vineyard surrounded by forests which is often visited by roe and in which various French clones were planted. The advantages of the high altitude which the wine reflects, evoked incredible emotions in Francesco and motivated him to define it “The Pinot Nero with the soul” in his last article. The label that distinguishes this wine is an artwork of Riccardo Schweizer which he gave us as a gift. It was forgotten in an old book and just in those days, when we were thinking about the packaging of the bottle and rummaging around in early texts, it came out of nowhere as if by magic. It represents exactly what this wine stands for: the triangle symbolizes the mountain or more precisely the altitude where the grapes grow. The hand which picks the grapes and brings the berries to the mouth and the sandtimer as a symbol of time, representing the nature which sets the best moment for harvest.