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A brief history

Founded in 1960, the Colterenzio winery is one of the youngest winegrowers’ cooperative in Alto Adige. In 1960, 26 winegrowers founded their own winery to be more independent – and named it after the hamlet they came from: Schreckbichl in German, Colterenzio in Italian. These winegrowers can be considered rebels but at the same time pioneers for right after the foundation of their own winery they were setting the course towards quality.
Today, 300 winegrowers together with the people working at Colterenzio continued this path.
The winegrowers grow their grapes on a total of 300 hectares; the vineyards are located in one of the best wine growing areas of Alto Adige, on altitudes from 230 to 650 meters. 14 different varieties are cultivated. 35% of the wines at Colterenzio are red, 65% are white. The Colterenzio winery cares about the environment, not only in the vineyards, but also in the cellar. In the vineyard this means sustainable viticulture and handpicked grapes. In the winery itself most of the electric energy used in the winery is supplied by a photovoltaic installation, 100% of the electric power is certified green and 70% of hot water requirements is provided by solar panels and a heat recovery system.
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Established in 1960

Strada del Vino 8
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


Meet The Team

  • Martin Lemayr

    Born in 1966. Lemayr frequented the High School for Agricultural Science in Alto Adige, followed by a 2-year training for wine technician in Germany. After his studies he returned to Alto Adige and worked in different positions in various wineries. Since 2005 he is the responsible winemaker at Colterenzio.

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