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A brief history

Castel Sallegg is a family-run firm of winegrowers in Caldaro, Alto Adige. Making our own wines mean that we are fully dedicated to Alto Adige’s winegrowing culture and we feel it is our task to bring Alto Adigeean wines to a wider audience of wine-lovers in both Italy and the world.
The family history and Castel Sallegg have been intimately connected since 1851. The estate went in direct succession from Archduke Rainer of Austria, Viceroy of Lombardy and Veneto, via the Princess of Campofranco to today’s owner, the Count von Kuenburg.
In around 1892 Enrico Lucchesi Palli, Prince of Campofranco, brought some Moscato Rosa vines from his Sicilian possessions to Caldaro which, planted in the warmest location on Lake Caldaro, were intended as a valuable addition to the winegrowing estate. From this variety, nowadays very rare, the Castel Sallegg winery produces the delicate Moscato Rosa, one of the premium wines of the Counts von Kuenburg.
The vineyards became the family’s greatest treasure and form the basis for the production of their exquisite wines.
From March to November we look after our vineyards in Caldaro with great devotion. The harvest is the last act in a process that continues throughout the year. Only a very carefully tended vineyard will produce the best results.
Like a cook who works with the best ingredients to create an outstanding dish, our winemaker supervises the quality of the grapes, which is the precondition for great wines. He influences the character of the wine through the decisions he makes when preparing and refining the wine.
The wine tradition at Castel Sallegg has yet deeper roots. The “deep cellar” is believed to date back 1,000 years, a witness to a centuries-old tradition of winemaking! Owing to its constant temperature all year round it plays an important role in the development of the wines.
After an external Audit Castel Sallegg has taken the path to sustainability. This transition will contribute to improving environmental health, social and economic equity.
Some steps:
Lighter bottles and on-going switch to „greener“ Packaging
Exclusion of herbicides
Eco-friendly techniques in the vineyard
Education in the fields: ecology and sustainable technologies
Open Wine Trial to widespread the Alto Adige wine culture
Castel Sallegg is heading towards an all-around sustainability, a journey that foresees constant commitment.
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Established in 1851

Vicolo di Sotto 15
Italy, Trentino-Alto Adige


Castel Sallegg Wines

Featured Wines

Castel Sallegg BISCHOFSLEITEN Lago di Caldaro scelto classico superiore Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggBISCHOFSLEITEN Lago di Caldaro scelto classico superiore

An ambassador of its terroir. An unmistakable Schiava made from grapes grown on old vines in its own "vigna", a truly divine vineyard near Caldaro Lake.

Castel Sallegg Pinot Noir Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggPinot Noir

Bright ruby red, fruity, elegant berry aromas, delicate spices, silky tannins, rich and elegant.

Castel Sallegg NUSSLEITEN Merlot Riserva Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggNUSSLEITEN Merlot Riserva

Dense, opulent and incomparably elegant. Powerful, complex and long.

Castel Sallegg Moscato Rosa Vendemmia tardiva Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggMoscato Rosa Vendemmia tardiva

A reminder of Enrico Prince of Campofranco, the husband of Maria Raineria. As a pioneer in Alto Adige, he planted the Sicilian Moscato Rosa vine in Caldaro´s historic vineyard.

Castel Sallegg Lagrein Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggLagrein

A true child of Alto Adige, Lagrein is the oldes indigenous grape variety in the region. Dark deep ruby, velvety, full-bodied and long.

Castel Sallegg Cuvée ELISA Bottle Preview
Castel SalleggCuvée ELISA

Lively, fresh and delicate. Very juicy summer wine that will convince you to take another glass.