The wine has a fruity scent of black cherry and blackberry.


On the palate has a nice flavor of tannins and a juicy and long-lasting aftertaste. Pairs well with simple dishes and pasta dishes. It’s particularly good young or after two to three years bottling.


The grapes come from a blend of grapes of five varieties in a vineyard at an altitude from 770 m a.s.l. to 850 m a.s.l.. The gneiss rocks not only give the name to the wine but attest to the unique microclimate which is reflected in the wine.


In the cellar we allow the grape mash of five different varieties to ferment slowly in stainless steel barrels. We manually press the peels, in order to permit the flavor-enhancing constituents i.e. color, tannins and aromas to emerge.
Finally we allow the young wine to ripe eight months in oak barrels and in big acacia barrels.