intense notes of peach, apricot, lychee, mango, orange zest, honey, vanilla and lilies


intensely aromatic: ripe yellow fruits and brown butter, spices. Noble notes of botrytis
underline the uniqueness of this wine. Optimal balance of freshness and sweetness, fine
minerality. Extremely long-lasting, balanced finish

Growing Conditions

altitude: 400 – 500 m
soil: calciferous gravel and clay with porphyry bedrock
age of the vines: 15 – 25 years
slope exposure: southeast 80 %, south 20 %,
climate: large differences in temperature between the hot Mediterranean days and the cool
nights influenced by the very cool Alpine fall winds.


end of December


Although on the hills, the vineyards are situated in small swale, protected from the
winds from Lake Garda. This detail, usually a disadvantage, is a big plus in the case of Terminum:
only this way can the Botrytis cinerea spores develop, rewarding us with great dessert wines.
After manual harvest the grapes are delivered in small containers. After about 12 hours of
maceration, they are pressed very gently (up to 1.8 bar).


Once fermentation is completed, the wine continues to mature in barrique barrels
for another 6-9 months


strong golden yellow

Food Pairing

perfect when paired with dried fruits and desserts such as apricot and cinnamon
strudel or crème brulée; excellent with aged cheese, especially blue cheese. This extraordinary
wine can be drunk by itself or to celebrate a special occasion with friends.