substantial texture form the
background to scents of honey, exotic notes of tropical fruit, as well as dried apricot, candied
citrus peel, rose, ginger and vanilla.


Sweet and velvety in the mouth, it explodes with vitality,
maintaining perfect elegance. The finish feels like it lasts for several minutes.

Growing Conditions

The vineyards are grown in the gravely clay and limestone soils found above
Tramin. The production area is situated on the east and southeast slopes of the Roen mountains
at an altitude of approximately 300-500 meters above sea level.


mid of November


After pruning at end of mid-October, the grapes for this extraordinary wine
were dried on the vine until end of November and beginning of December. After maceration,
they are pressed very gently at 1.2 bar. Fermentation and aging took place in small French oak


in small French oak
barrels for around 12 months. After bottling, the wine matured in the bottle for another couple
of months.



Food Pairing

Roen is an excellent accompaniment to many desserts, dried fruits, various
cheeses and foie gras. Or savor a glass on its own, as a wine of meditation to be enjoyed with
good company.