enticing nose of
wild berries, plum and cherry is enhanced by spicy aromas


beautiful freshness
on the palate, recalling the elevation of the vineyards where the grapes selected for
Marjun originate. This elegant pinot noir displays classy and seductive tannins, underpinned
by zesty acidity and a fruity and juicy finale with an evident touch of spice.

Growing Conditions

The Pinot Nero grapes used to produce our Marjun grow on calcareous clay soils on
a hillside area at 350 to 650 m above sea level. The vineyards are subject to a great diurnal
temperature variation, with hot days, influenced by the Mediterranean climate, and cold
nights, as the temperature falls thanks to the cool breeze from the surrounding mountains.
The name Marjun stems from the calcareous rock layer overlooking the vineyards (in pre-Latin
Indo-European language “marra” means detritus).


beginning - mid of October


The grapes are handpicked and gently placed into small containers to keep
them intact. After crushing and destemming, the must and the skins softly slide down to the
underlying barrels, where they are cold soaked for four days. After two weeks of fermentation
the wine is racked off the lees and rests for three days in concrete vats before being transferred
to oak barrels called “pieces” (i.e. 228 l barrels).


After 11 months of aging in the Burgundy type barrels, followed by blending in big oak
casks, the finished wine continues to age first in oak casks and then in the bottle.


lovely ruby red with a garnet shimmer

Food Pairing

Thanks to its versatility this pinot noir pairs well with any kind of pasta dish with
meat, game or mushrooms as well as veal tartare, red meat or wild game; excellent with tasty
cheeses as well.