2 Wines from 2 Wineries

Alois Lageder CASÒN BIANCO Viognier - Petit Manseng Bottle Preview
Alois LagederCASÒN BIANCO Viognier - Petit Manseng

The main component of our Casòn Bianco is the Viognier grape variety, which has ripened very harmoniously and with typical character in the last few years. The complementary varieties in the blend include Petit Manseng, Roussanne, Marsanne or Chenin Blanc. They all have small and thick-skinned berries in loose clusters, which make them highly resistant. Even at higher temperatures they have lower concentrations of sugar and a good acid structure. With regard to future developments, that makes them a useful addition to the range of grape varieties in Alto Adige.

Tröpfltalhof LeViogn Bottle Preview

Biodynamic Viognier harvested when the grapes are of a beautiful golden yellow color macerated in a 13 hl oak barrel.